Golf Course Designs in NJ

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Most people, who avidly enjoy golf, whether it is following it on television or playing it themselves, don’t think about what it takes to actually design the course. Professional golfers know their courses; know the ins and outs of the terrain and the dips and the rough patches. But what they don’t know is how it actually came to be that way. What it takes to design the course from scratch.

There are many unique aspects of golf course landscape architecture in New Jersey. Obstacles such as permits, wetlands and changes in blueprints often arise when working on a project.

With a philosophy of working closely with clients, enhancing the natural environment, and creating courses that are both challenging and enjoyable for players of all levels – sensitivity to the environment is key – lasting quality that are exciting and enjoyable for golfers of every handicap – reflecting the personalities and wishes of their owners/developers while also meeting our own high standards.

Scenic Landscaping alongside their sister company Tapestry Landscape Architecture have had to experience of designing and maintaining some of the most prestigious New Jersey golf courses.

October Colors in NJ

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Fall is always the most beautiful time of year to marvel at all the colors and seasons changing before our very eyes. The richness of colors mixed with the warm sun and cooler temperatures create days & scenery that is captivating throughout the north east region.

While it is a fascinationg sight to see year after year, often times people wonder what it is that exactly causes the leaves to change color time and time again. Nature works in fascinating ways.

During this fall season,the days get are gradually becoming shorter as the temperatures slowly drop. The sun doesn’t warm the leaves as directly or intensely as it did during the spring and summer months. In these shorter, cooler days, the process of making food within the leaves ceases. As this occurs, the leaves use the food they’ve stored throughout the summer. This causes the leaves’ green pigment to become less dominant, and gives other colors an opportunity to be displayed.