Aftercare: The Vital Role of NJ Landscapers in Keeping Flora Blooming

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However, plant life in these places is usually transplanted from another location, so making sure that flora survive after transition should be a priority for homeowners. An article from The Morton Arboretum’s website explained the matter further:

Transplant shock is fairly common in newly transplanted trees. The Arboretum researchers have found that a tree can lose as much as 90% of its root system when it is removed from the nursery. This causes a great deal of stress on the plant as it is tries to reestablish itself. Research has shown that approximately one year of recovery is needed for every inch of tree diameter. Starting a regular plant maintenance and inspection program to head-off problems early, and providing good after-care will help maintain the health and vigor of your newly planted trees and shrubs.

Landscaped sites, especially those that are homes to exotic or rare specimens, need exceptional care to keep plants thriving. For example, pruning, watering, and fertilizing are just some of the immediate basic tasks to be accomplished. The needs of a landscape also vary with the seasons as well as weather conditions, and some plants need to be rotated to maximize exposure. Pest management is a big concern as well since bugs pose serious dangers to plant life if not addressed quickly.

Unfortunately, many—in particular, those with larger properties—simply do not have the time or the knowledge to perform the necessary care and upkeep to keep their greenery flourishing. For those in the area, there are experienced NJ landscapers that offer aftercare services and maintenance to ensure optimum conditions for landscape flora. Industry leaders such as Scenic Landscaping LLC even have their own nurseries and tree farms, which makes them uniquely qualified to handle the whole process.

Trustworthy NJ landscape designers and mindful homeowners know and appreciate the immense value of plant life when it comes to living spaces. With all the positive effects that plants provide, taking special care of them is definitely worth it.

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NJ Landscape Companies Can Help Homes Experience Green Space Boost

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Explaining what the data revealed, [Dr. Mathew White] said: “What you see is that even after three years, mental health is still better which is unlike many of the other things that we think will make us happy.”

Dr. White added that the team had submitted an application for funding to carry out further research that would examine marital relationships in different areas and to what extent things like divorce rates and satisfaction levels differed.

“There is evidence that people within an area with green spaces are less stressed and when you are less stressed you make more sensible decisions and you communicate better,” he observed.

Another study published at the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s website supports these findings, stating that people who live in urban areas that have more green spaces experienced less mental distress and reported better well-being. This information gives credence to the idea that having natural surroundings can improve overall life satisfaction in comparison to those who are not exposed to such settings.

Indeed, years of studies and research all over the world support the notion that being close to nature has positive effects on various aspects of human life such as physical health, emotional stability, and mental well-being. In urban locations such as New Jersey, nature can come in the form of garden landscapes right in one’s own backyard. Working with an NJ landscape company to create the green setting that will improve one’s home and well-being is an investment that will prove its worth in the years to come.

For those who are interested in experiencing all of the positive effects of natural environments such as garden landscapes in their homes, contacting an NJ landscape specialist is the first step to making it happen. The assistance of New Jersey-based companies that have real passion and heart for the art of landscaping, such as Scenic Landscaping LLC, will be invaluable in helping homeowners create a true oasis within their own backyards.

(Source: Green spaces have lasting positive effect on well-being, BBC)

Experienced Contractors Create a Hotel-like Luxury Pool for NJ Estates

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… This is an ample space, and the pool is of ample size: 15 meters (50 feet) in length, which is amazing in a city-center hotel and provides scope for real swimming (not that what I do can be called “real” — that’s Jackie’s department). Its design echoes some of the neighborhood’s classical-cum-Déco architecture: simple columns and bas-relief panels reminiscent of the Palais de Chaillot, but with mildly exotic/Asian themes of palm trees, lotuses and so forth. The room is lofty and airy, but it is not plagued by the sort of echoey acoustics that can make a pool seem institutional: here, we felt almost as if we were at a resort.

While people can enjoy hotel amenities like luxury swimming pools from time to time, many would definitely prefer to have personal access to such pools whenever they want to and for longer periods of time. After all, having an in-house swimming pool offers families the chance to enjoy more time together, throw exciting parties, stay cool, and even create a personal outdoor resort. Moreover, opting for a pool construction in NJ homes can significantly increase the value of properties, especially when owners choose to build a luxurious installation.

Those who are seriously contemplating to pursue such projects should rely on experienced contractors, such as Scenic Landscaping LLC, to create a hotel-like luxury pool for NJ estates and properties. These companies specialize in executing detailed plans that result into admirable home additions and landscape architectures, turning normal homes into coveted personal spaces. Their specialists can even provide needed advice to ensure that homeowners are presented with all the facts and options that they have to take into account to make their home pools stand out.

Having luxurious pools that can compete with the ones that hotels and resorts carry is an achievement that homeowners should consider because of the multiple personal and financial benefits that these installations can bring. When opting for such structures, it is highly recommended to consult professionals like landscape architects and reliable contractors for best results.

(Source: Luxe Chinese Dining and Blissful Swimming at the Shangri-La Paris, The Huffington Post, June 8, 2014)

An NJ Landscaping Company Professionally Installs Outdoor Fireplaces

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In the 13 years we’ve owned our home, my wife and I have built three fire pits. The first was a rock ring in the woods, where we sat on boulders and invited armies of mosquitoes to mainline our blood while we pretended not to notice.

The second, in our scrubby side yard in suburban Connecticut, never saw flame but eventually hosted many interesting species of weeds and at least one tree.

Then I invested in bricks and a grate, building a pit 10 yards from our back deck, where it sat unused for two years before I kicked it down.

Home additions like fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are popular among residential properties as these give families a reason to extend the time they spend outdoors even during colder months. However, the lengthy process of preparing backyards, gardens, and patios for these improvements can put off people from actually taking steps to turn their plans into reality. For such cases, homeowners can get the help of an experienced NJ landscape company to reliably install outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Employing professional NJ landscaping specialists, such as those affiliated with Scenic Landscaping LLC, to set up outdoor fireplaces provides several benefits such as giving homeowners an avenue for entertaining guests, cooking at the backyard, improving ambiance, and warming up outdoor spaces during colder times. Moreover, these additions can also increase the market value of real properties.

Hiring reliable landscape architects can also be beneficial for homeowners as these specialists are well-versed in the complexities of building structures, choosing the appropriate materials, and handling other technical aspects. They can even offer advice on the appropriate type or model of outdoor fireplaces that could go well with the current landscape design of homes.

With the wide array of potential home exterior improvements available in the market, people should strongly consider consulting with professionals for the selection and installation of these components as specialist knowledge can save valuable time, effort, and resources.

(Source: Baptism by Fire Pit, The New York Times, September 10, 2014)

NJ Landscaping Company Offers Some Tips for Successful Fall Gardening

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Plant Ahead

Can’t wait to see your flowers add color to your garden or lawn? Then be sure to plant their bulbs as early as now. Flowers like crocuses, irises, and tulips actually need the winter freeze to start their growing process, so autumn is actually the ideal season to plant them. However, be sure to do so while the temperature is still in the forties and fifties, not when the ground is already frozen.

Feed Your Grass

It’s not just plants and flowers you’ll be saying “goodbye” to come winter; you’ll be bidding adieu to your turf grass as well. Unlike the former two, though, grass continues to grow roots until around 40 degrees. If you apply a high phosphorus mix (about a 12-25-12 ratio) in the fall, they green up faster in the spring.

Grow Some Greens

Like tree leaves, most flowers will start wilting once the colder days of fall arrive. If you need a cure for your gardening itch, though, why not plant vegetables instead? Indeed, many vegetables are hardy enough to withstand lower temperatures, and some need only a few weeks before they’re ready for harvest–radishes, for example, need just 25 days. This informative article from Better Homes and Gardens has some advice to help you get started:

You’ll probably grow most of the vegetables for your fall garden from seed. Use the extra seeds you didn’t plant in the spring or purchase new ones. Happily, many garden centers put their seeds on discount late in the season, so you might be able to save a lot of money by growing vegetables in fall.

The basics of starting with seeds are the same in autumn as in spring — use a high-quality seed-starting mix for best results. If you reuse the containers you used for your seeds in spring, be sure to wash them in a solution of one part bleach to 10 parts water to kill any disease organisms that might be lurking about.

If you want more gardening tips for the fall, be sure to contact a trusted landscaping company in NJ. With their help, you can better maximize the last few months of the gardening season.

(Source: Fall Vegetable Gardening, Better Homes and Gardening)

How to Find the Right Landscaper in NJ and Why Hiring One is Important

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Whom to hire depends on several factors: your budget, timeline and project’s size and complexity. The ultimate litmus test, though, is how you get along.

Is the person receptive to your ideas, goals and project schedule? Can you communicate with each other?

Start by asking your friends and neighbors for names of good firms, especially if they had a good experience. You can also search online directories compiled by professional organizations and companies.

As you weigh the options, look at portfolios to see if a professional or firm specializes in the kind of project you have in mind. Ask for proof of licenses, certifications and professional affiliations. Get all proposals in writing and make sure you understand the terms and fees.

Homeowners themselves should also prepare prior to finding skilled NJ landscapers. The success of a landscaping project greatly depends on the homeowner’s budget and the size of the yard needing remodeling. Kaiser stressed the importance of constantly collaborating with an equally receptive landscaping contractor. Find a contractor that spends time asking questions on how you would want your space to look and feel like and how you would want it to be used prior to construction. Doing research online and with fellow homeowners who have landscape work done greatly helps too.

Despite today’s preference for DIY work, it is still advisable for homeowners to consult a landscape architect or designer before making any moves. DIY work could lead to poor results, and having their effects repaired could cost a small fortune. It’s better to hire professionals from the beginning so they can get it right the first time.

Getting landscaping work done could involve hiring NJ landscape designers and contractors who would take care of the actual physical work. It’s best to maximize your budget and minimize your worries by getting services from a single landscaping company instead. Some landscaping companies specialize in all aspects of outdoor design (architects and designers) and construction (contractor/s) so you don’t have to worry about getting services done separately.

If you live in Haskell, NJ and are interested in improving your home’s landscape, companies like Scenic Landscaping LLC stand ready to help you.

(Source: How to Hire Landscaping Contractors, HGTV)