Best Perennials to Plant in the Fall

October 30th, 2019 | By: Heather Knapp | Blog

As a general rule of thumb in our industry, fall is for planting. When it comes to the best perennials to plant in the fall, it is important to plant now, before the ground freezes, to make way for springtime blooming. Perennial bulbs must be planted in the fall season, before the ground begins to freeze. Daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, and tulips will all bloom in the springtime; giving you that early color display we always long for once winter passes.

Perennial flowers are those that continue to grow year after year, and will remain dormant during the winter months. Where as annuals are typically planted in the spring and summer months, and will bloom for the season before dying off. Gardeners often supplant perennial gardens with lively, colorful annuals to enhance the gardens and planting beds. Typically, you will notice a mixture of both to create interesting, textured spaces.

NJ Fall Flowering and Blooming Perennials

In this area of the east coast. Asters, Mums (also in the annual family), heuchera/coral bells, some varieties of grasses (this is not a flowering plant but can be used for ornamental color) are great to plant during the fall season. Bulbs would consist of daffodils, alliums, muscari, and many more to choose from that adds color and fragrance to your garden as soon as spring arrives.

Is Fall a Good Time to Plant Perennials?

Perennials are at risk of dying from early frosts if planted late in the fall.  As the weather begins to cool it is best to plant larger trees and shrubs so they can begin to establish for the upcoming spring. When designing an outdoor garden, or outdoor living space, it is important to keep in mind where the planting beds will be. Keep in mind there is a need for proper irrigation even through the fall months, shade and sun exposure, and winter garden closures. This proper maintenance and planning will ensure successful fall perennials as well as plant materials and bulbs all year round.

What to Plant in the Fall for Spring

Bulbs are planted late in the fall and will bloom in the early to late spring months.  This includes daffodils, alliums, muscari, hyacinth. While we do service our clients for these in the fall, ensuring to plant them before the ground freezes, homeowner will not be able to tell for month. Once the winter passes and spring arrives, the bulbs will start to pop up from the ground and add long awaited color. In this industry, it is important to continue to plan ahead each season.

If you are interested in enhancing you fall garden property, or would like to learn more about the best perennials to plant in fall, our horticultural specialists are available to help. Feel free to contact us today. This is a great time of year to plan for the following year ahead, use these cooler months to enhance your yard with fall flowering perennials, and plan ahead for the bulbs you would love to see appear in the spring.

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