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Choosing a Landscaper That’s Right for You

October 24th, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

For new homeowners, choosing a landscaper is an imperative and crucial process. Many towns have regulations requiring homeowner’s upkeep of their lawns. It is also one of the most important investments to add value and curb appeal to your home. In the tri-state area there are plenty of landscapers and tons competition to choose from. So how do you decide which one if best for you and your home?

Know Your Personal Goals

First consider your personal goals for your property. Are you looking for routine maintenance or a complete backyard renovation design? Not all landscape companies will specialize in the same services. Working with a firm that has architects and designers on staff will help with larger scale or professional level design and renovations. When choosing a landscaper to hire it is also important to do your research with reviews and referral sources. You want to make sure that the company is reputable in your area and reliable to work with long term.

Consider Your Long-Term Goals

Another important factor to consider is your long term goals for your property. While many new homeowners starting out will have small goals to begin, years down the road may want to add an inground swimming pool or outdoor living space to their property. When choosing a landscaper to hire, make sure the designer on the job knows from day one your long term goals. They will help strategize the layout of plantings and trees to ensure your future plans work seamlessly into the property. This is also important in making sure that no money is wasted in the beginning by having to change the plan a few years down the road.

Ask For Recommendations

We find in the landscape industry, that many new clients come to us through referrals. The best complement to our company is a new client appreciating a project we completed nearby, and for them to want us to create a space best suited to their home as well. It takes years to build a reputable brand, and clients want to hire a company that will exceed their expectations. Landscape projects can be very long term and long lasting relationships, that is why choosing a landscaper is a process for homeowners to feel secure in. Remember, plenty of companies will offer free consultations, so feel free to do your research and meet with companies until you find your best match.

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