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Outdoor Zen Garden Ideas

September 30th, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

During the fall, the landscapes around us change in so many ways.  Leaves are changing color on the trees, summer bulbs fade away, colors darken, mums and pumpkins adorn front steps. The types of gardens that homeowners incorporated onto their properties vary this time of year. While summer gardens change into fall, there are types of gardens that will sustain through every season. Weather on the east coast is fickle, and at times harsh. Homeowners often find that an outdoor zen garden sustains through the natural elements and bring many beneficial perks with them as well.

Benefits of Incorporating an Outdoor Zen Garden

Outdoor Zen gardens have become a favored request among many homeowners in NJ today. Many people are finding the need to create a space outdoors where they can meditate and feel inspired and are gravitating towards an outdoor Zen garden design. There is so much chaos in the day to day, and often times we find there needs to be a place to escape. Having the luxury of a private oasis outside your own door, away from the business of the outside world is what this space would provide. A Zen garden is made to heal and nurture.

Scenic Landscaping has created outdoor Zen gardens and understands the elements needed to design the perfect garden space. We work with various plant textures and layer them in a way to provide thick and dense and comforting surroundings. A Zen garden should be a place to explore and feel, and be one with nature. We have often times incorporated water features as well. The sound of running water has been proven to provide a sense of calm. It is a nice way to drown out any outside noises and interruptions as well. Many stones are used in any Zen garden design as well, whether for walkways or steps through the garden or for healing rocks. Many homeowners will use Buddha statues or figurines significant to them, and include them into the outdoor Zen garden space.

Scenic Landscaping has designed, installed and maintained many outdoor zen gardens across the tri-state area. This space becomes a tranquil escape for the homeowner, and a beautiful view outside the back windows. When it comes to a garden design we want to make sure that the space is inviting and calming, a space where the homeowner can meditate and reflect. If this is a type of garden that would be of interest to you, we would love to meet with you and help to create this relaxing space. Feel free to look through the images for inspiration as well as into the other types of gardens that we can provide.


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