Modern Swimming Pool Design, Westchester NY

We were brought onto this project to construct an entire property renovation. The site was compromised and clogged with large bushes, sunken wood patios, uneven elevations, multi-level deck and an abundance of shrubs. The site was an extreme slope, that needed to be pushed back and leveled to create an upper lawn area for their children to have room to play. The vision was to blend the new pool design and patio to match the existing architecture of the home, by keeping everything in cool tones and modern. We all wanted this to look like a natural extension of the home. The patio level needed to be raised to marry the house, in order to be able to walk outside onto an even ground and seamless transition to the outside space. We planted extensive screening around the entire property, and had to blend the landscape to match the modern design of the pool as well. Originally the site looked like a 1970’s design, and today it is completed renovated to look modern and as though it existed this way all along.

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