Landscape Design at Station Village, Avenel NJ

Our client was developing new residential luxury buildings, and we were brought in during the early stages to enhance the entry way to help sales with the units. Since it was brand new, we were there at the ground to help make it enticing from the roads for potential residents. Throughout other phases we worked with landscaping the town homes, the communal spaces, created lawn areas for people to enjoy, benches, landscaping around the amenities building. We also landscaped along the train station for the community. The Center for the Arts Center was new for the community, which we did planting around that as well as seasonal planters all year to keep it looking inviting and clean. The main goal was to create a consistent look throughout the development.

The biggest challenge was to make a brand-new community feel more established and lived in. As opposed to today’s popular high rises, we were tasked with making this feel more welcoming and with a community essence. There were many deadlines we were under, with trying to complete the landscaping in time for the opening before people moved in. We will continue to maintain and enhance the planting for years to come, as it continues to expand and change over the years.

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