summer lifestyle

Summer Lifestyle

July 25th, 2018 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

In mid-July, we are right in the thick of summer, enjoying that summer lifestyle. This time of year we are seeing bursts of colors and textures in landscapes. We have the combination of heat waves, humidity and summer thunderstorms. Sunlight is out longer, evenings are warm, and time spent outdoors is abundant. Routines are different in the summertime, this is a season we look forward to every year.

Summer Lifestyle Tips on Outdoor Living

When it comes to a summer house lifestyle, this is the time of year our clients prioritize outdoor living. Homeowners today are looking for ways to make the most out of their time spent outdoors. As a lifestyle, outdoor living spaces should be imagined as an extension of your indoor living space. While summer is the time we think of being outside, every season should get some use out of this space and investment.

In order to best optimize the use of your space, create a design that helps transition through every season. A design that takes your summer lifestyle and carries over into every climate. An overhead pergola or fan is ideal for summer months. And outdoor kitchen and bar area provides dining and entertaining space. A fire pit or fireplace gives life to the space into the fall and winter months. If a swimming pool is closing for the season, a separate hot tub or custom spa can be used all year.

Curating a Summer House Lifestyle Best for You

Creating the perfect summer lifestyle space depends on each person’s priorities. Whether the outdoor space will be for hosting or relaxation. Modern or rustic. Expansive or confined. A custom design is catered to each homeowner’s budget and preferences for a summer house lifestyle.

Bars and outdoor kitchens are common when looking to convert your backyard to a new pool area with an entire outdoor living space. Being able to cook dinner outside and enjoy a nighttime swim are wonderful family perks to enjoy in the summertime. Many homeowners opt to include outdoor kitchens into their patio space, creating an additional space for their clientele to enjoy all year round. Outdoor kitchen spaces can be designed to suit a grand scale, or a confined space.

Landscaping changes with the seasons as well, the colorful vibrant spring and summer plantings die off in the colder months. Choosing proper materials that will still provide texture, such as boxwoods and evergreens will give structure in the fall and winter. Consulting with a design professional ensures your vision is properly and creatively laid out, while optimizing the best use of your space and investment. We are here to help you create the ideal summer lifestyle or year round space. Call us for a free consultation. 

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