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Mitchell Knapp


Mitchell Knapp has owned Scenic Landscaping LLC since 1975. He began the company by cutting lawns with a mower and a pick-up truck. Throughout the years he has developed Scenic Landscaping into what it is today. An expert of plant knowledge, Mitch is well versed in all aspects of horticulture including species, disease, location, Dwarf Conifers, perennials, and conceptual design. Aside from running Scenic Landscaping, in 1980-1986 he worked with Merrill Lynch Hubbard Corporation and traveled the United States giving advice on both residential and commercial design. In 1997 he started a sister company, Tapestry Landscape Architecture LLC, which is the design arm of many of the projects Scenic builds today. During his professional career Mitch has received numerous awards for his work. Most notably, a National Landscape Award from the American Nurseryman Association.
Even to this very day, Mitch is involved with the day to day operations and sales of the company. Through his creative energy and design ideas, he has developed a culture at Scenic Landscaping that many companies may strive for, but only few achieve. He has also been a mentor to many other people in the industry whom today own successful businesses. His deep passion and drive for the business is what makes Scenic Landscaping one of the top landscape design/build companies in the Tri-State area.
“I value each and every customer. I want to be sure that at the end of your project, you are fully satisfied and that I have exceeded all of your expectations”, says Mitchell Knapp.

Drew Appell

Nursery Manager

Drew Appell is Scenic’s Nursery Manager and buyer. He brings over 25 years of horticultural experience to the Scenic Landscaping. Drew has an extensive knowledge of all horticultural distributors, and has a great sense of customer service and operations management. His understanding of the United States and Canadian growers allows Scenic Landscaping to provide top quality nursery material to our customers. This specially selected material contributes to Scenic’s beautiful designs, making the customer’s outdoor space more rewarding.

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Mike Votor

Project Manager

For over 20 consecutive years, Michael Votor has been a great asset to Scenic Landscaping. Michael has been exposed to and learned all aspects of the landscape industry during his career here at Scenic. Site planning, design, sales, demolition, grading, drainage, masonry, construction, planting, irrigation, lighting, project management, customer service, and education are all areas he manages and oversees for the company. Most importantly Michael takes care of all the aftercare involved in preserving every project and investment of each of Scenic’s clients.
He is also a member of the New Jersey Landscape and Contractors Association (NJLCA) and strives to be on the cutting edge of improvements and changes within the industry.

John Jacobs

Sales / Maintenance, Enhancements & CGS

John has always loved to build and construct projects, while paying close attention to details. This passion led him to graduate from Rutgers in 2015 with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Having worked for Tapestry Landscape Architecture and in sales and project management, it has allowed him to see all aspects of the process of designing, installing and managing a garden.  Scenic Landscaping has the unparalleled ability to install the most beautiful landscapes for our clientele; however one of the most crucial aspects is the care and maintenance of the gardens after the initial construction, which is where this division excels. Specializing in seasonal displays, consisting of spring, summer, fall and winter holiday displays, allows our clients to add interest and unique accents throughout all four seasons.