At the end of every year, landscaping companies across the country enter their very best work and projects they are most proud of into multiple types of award competitions. Scenic Landscaping over the last 40 years has been honored to receive a high volume of award winning landscape designs in a wide range of categories. There is great competition in the landscape industry, and award season is a humbling time to be recognized for your hard work as well as admiring the craftsmanship done by peers.

Here we will showcase some of our award winning landscape designs that we have acquired over the years. Every one of our jobs entails a highly trained level of skillful engineers, architects, designers and a well equipped staff available to carry out every detail. Our award winning projects have ranged from vacation properties in the Hamptons, to Manhattan private hotel rooftops, to North Jersey high end residences and beautiful homes out to Westchester County NY. We cover a vast scope of award winning landscape designs. Everything from spas, to pools, to intimate garden spaces to outdoor living spaces have been entered and acknowledged in the award industry throughout the years.

Award Winning Landscape Design in New Jersey

The NJNLA and NJLCA are two prominent organizations in New Jersey that honor award winning landscape design every year. Both associations recognize a wide range of distinguished projects each year in a variety of category types. Categories are broken out into different price points as well as job types, ranging from commercial maintenance to water features to elaborate multi-million dollar jobs. These awards allow us the opportunity to share the story behind every job we work on. The obstacles faced, the initial vision, the process of bringing the project to life, and the services provided to help maintain these award winning landscape designs. We put a lot of thought into our entries each year and it gives us a ton of pride to be recognized as one of the best in the industry. We hope the award winning projects featured below will help to inspire and encourage you to create the perfect property you have been envisioning. Let us be your best installation experience.