Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Design

Outdoor Fireplace Design & Built in Fire Pits

In the Northern New Jersey and tri-state area, the weather is always changing. With the possibility of cold winters, chilly fall evening and cool spring and summer nights, an outdoor fireplace has become a popular addition to a home. Many people in the area today prefer to spend more time outdoors. Between being in an office all day or during the brutal winter months, the second the weather improves, everyone is looking for ways to soak it all in. The addition of an outdoor fireplace design or a built-in fire pit, instantly creates a space where families can enjoy the great outdoor together and feel warmth whenever they choose to.

Scenic Landscaping specializes in outdoor fireplace design and the installation of built in fire pits. We work closely with our clients to customize the perfect design to best match their style and budget requirements. There are many ways to create these fireplaces and fire pits to make each one unique and stylized to your liking. We work with various different stones and colors and on different scales. We would design and build these features on any scale, whether you are looking for a small 4 person circular built in fire pit, or a tremendous fireplace with ample seating and built in benches for many people to utilize.

A popular addition to these outdoor fireplace designs, is incorporating an outdoor television on the fixture. And outdoor television brings your living room into the great outdoors. Many of our clients find that on Sunday evenings, watching sporting events outside with the family with the fire going is what they look forward to every week. This also allows for a new element of hosting parties, being able to play music channels, or have a game on while everyone is enjoying the fire and being outside.

A built in fire pit is an affordable way to create a new space in your property to enjoy all year round. Built in fire pits can be set up to run on gas, making it a very simple and safe way to create fires quickly at your convenience. There are many types of stone and material to choose from, giving your fire pit a unique and custom look. A fire pit many times can double as a coffee table, where the edges are extended allowing for more space to rest drinks and food upon while sitting around the fire. The outdoor furniture and chairs you choose to use around the fire pit also give it more character and help to make it a space that really embraces your own style. Often times we will use some synthetic turf around the built in fire pit space. This way, the lawn is never ruined beneath it and your property maintains a clean look around the built in fire pit all year long.

An outdoor fireplace design is a more elaborate process but there are no limits to the creativity that can be incorporated. Our creative and professional team of architects and designers work closely with you to develop the ideal outdoor fireplace for your property. An outdoor fireplace serves as the anchor to a backyard, it is often the focal point and the main piece that holds the entire outdoor room together. The custom stonework that can be included on a fireplace is truly a work of art. These impressive outdoor pieces will impress everyone who gets the pleasure of enjoying one. We can create built in benches and storage spaces surrounding the outdoor fireplace, allowing for maximum enjoyment and plenty of space for guests.

If you are interested in an outdoor fireplace design or would like to incorporate a built in fire pit into your property, feel free to browse the gallery of images. There are countless different ways to create these pieces and no two ever are alike. We look forward to bringing you warmth and a cozy place outside your own door to enjoy all year long.