Luxury Pools and Spa Designs

For over 35 years we have been providing award winning pool designs for both residential and commercial properties. Our swimming pool designs exceed expectations of both elegance and professionalism.

There are several things to consider when planning a luxury pool or spa for your property. Most importantly, having a landscape architect involved in the process from the early stages will help you with the pool and spa designs as well as the overall space and landscaping plan. Scenic Landscaping, along with it’s sister company, Tapestry Landscape Architecture, have designed and managed many luxury pools and spas throughout the years. Let their expertise and skills of over 40 years incorporate your New Jersey luxury pool and spa in the overall landscape.

Scenic Landscaping and Tapestry Landscape Architecture of New Jersey work with their sister company, Tranquility Pools in order to design and install your luxury pool and spa and bring it to life. With styles ranging from formal rectangular pools, to ornate pools with a complementary waterfall, to a naturalistic pool built into the landscape, we customize every pool and spa design including surrounding patio and landscape to meet your specific taste.

Full Service Luxury Pools and Spa Designs

Instead of hiring various contractors to oversee your pool installation process, just hire one. The team at Scenic Tapestry and Tranquility Pools will monitor and carry along the entire production, from the initial pool and spa design all the way through to completion. There’s a lot to take care of while your luxury pool and spa are being built, and we help make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks. Our New Jersey luxury pool designers work with you to oversee every aspect along with the project:

  • Electrical services to choose from
  • Correct pool coping
  • Pool tiles
  • What type of equipment to use
  • Finishes on your project
  • Patio design
  • What type of fence
  • Timing on pool completion
  • Managing your money spent
  • Initial pool and spa designs with a licensed landscape architect

There is a lot more to think about than just building a pool. Scenic Landscaping and Tapestry Landscape Architecture and Tranquility Pools will make sure all items and issues are cared for, and oversee the entire production until you are happy with the completion of your luxury pool and spa.