Landscape Design Service

The site design is where a property’s transformation all begins, so it is important to make sure the company you hire is experienced to handle large scale jobs. Often times, a new job will require a whole new site overhaul in order for the new design and plan to come to fruition. At Scenic Landscaping, we have our own fleet of state of the art machines at our disposal to best and most efficiently complete this task. Our experienced staff has been in the business for decades and well equipped to handle any grade or site changes necessary.

Many of our large trees, flowering trees, or when we need to move many specimens at once our fleet of trucks and backhoes and bulldozers are used to properly transplant the materials without ruining or damaging or putting them at any risk. Your investment is our top priority and we have the knowledge to assist in your site landscape design every step of the way.

Drainage is often an aspect of site design that is very often overlooked. It is a crucial element to your landscape design and Scenic Landscaping assesses this part carefully. There is a fine balance to be achieved to guarantee your property is not saturated by being over watered, and not dried out by being under watered. Tending to the drainage is a critical part of the process and should be taken care of early on to make sure your plant material is able to thrive and last in the both direct sun and cover shaded areas.

Scenic Landscaping over the last four decades has grown and expanded allowing us to invest in all state of the art materials and equipment needed to handle large scale jobs. We guarantee the very best, so we only work with the very best. From large scale residential designs to expansive commercial projects, from outdoor kitchens, to pools and pool landscaping, to intimate gardens and complete backyard makeovers, we are able to cover all angles with ease and agility. There is a certain quality of excellence you want from your landscape design and construction company, and we aim to exceed those expectations.