Rose Garden Designs

There is something completely timeless and enchanting about rose gardens. While they are so often admired, it takes an exorbitant amount of care and knowledge to properly grow and care for one. Scenic Landscaping has had decades of experience in designing, creating, and maintaining rose gardens.

The first thing to understand is that there is an extensive variety of roses. Some roses are fragrant while others are not, some roses are ever bloomers. Some roses will grow to be very tall and limited in quantity while others grow to be short and abundant. All of these roses will have different bloom periods as well so there are many factors involved in planning a rose garden. Our skilled landscape designers and horticulturists help assist in the creation of our client’s rose gardens, to ensure that the varietals used will produce the proper expected end result.

Roses thrive in areas near the ocean, Scenic Landscaping finds that the rose gardens we plant in the Jersey shore and Hamptons area maintain very well since they are very tolerant to beach environments. Maintaining the proper soil is the key to having a successful rose garden. Rose gardens do not like heavy, saturated soil conditions which often will cause rotting. Very well drained, organic soil should be used with carefully planted seeds and maintained throughout each season. Our certified and professional horticulturists will assist in both the soil and rose planting to see to it that your rose garden is best suited to your property.

Like everything beautiful in nature, a little extra TLC is necessary to make certain your roses thrive. If you are interested in learning more about the variety of roses available, the proper maintenance necessary or are interested in the addition of a rose garden for your property we are here to help bring this new space to life.