Memorial Gardens

Memorial Gardens

Often times after losing a loved one, after a tragic event, or just as a way to honor someone’s life and achievements, people will look to create memorial gardens. Memorial gardens can be whatever type of space you choose for it to be. Anything from a new tree planting, to a small flower planting space, to a fountain feature, to an engraved bench or brick walkway are used as ways to commemorate within a memorial garden.

Scenic Landscaping over the years has been involved in creating a variety of memorial garden projects. We planted a beautiful mum display at the Jersey City firehouse to pay tribute to the lives lost during 9/11. We were also specially asked to help design and build a water feature for the Federal Air Marshall Service to use as their own 9/11 memorial piece. Scenic Landscaping takes a lot of pride and care in being involved in these projects, understanding the importance and honor they each represent.

Funeral homes are another commercial space that often will choose to create memorial gardens as a personal space for reflection and remembrance. Scenic Landscaping has worked with funeral homes in the area to create these intimate spaces, bringing an aesthetically pleasing calm garden to the property.

Many schools and universities will use memorial gardens as a way to honor past students, teachers, contributors and presidents that have changed the lives and helped shaped the institution into what it is today. Scenic Landscaping has planted trees, ordered engraved benches, created small garden areas and designed engraved brick inlays to help schools achieve these memorial spaces.

Scenic Landscaping has been brought in by local towns to help create memorial parks and welcome gardens. These help serve as a beautiful way to contribute to a community and work as a communal space for all to enjoy year round.

Memorial gardens are not limited to commercial spaces. Creating one for your own personal residential space is often done as well. If you are interested in creating a memorial space and looking for ideas and inspiration, we are here to help assist in any way that we can.