Landscape Construction

When it comes to landscape construction in NJ there are many elements that end up being incorporated on each job. Scenic Landscaping covers all types of landscape construction, whether it is hardscape building or softscape planting needed for the project. Often times our projects will incorporate both plantings and masonry that need to work together in harmony to create the perfect backyard or front yard property.

Once our detailed plans and permitting process is completed, it is time for the landscape construction phase to begin. In NJ, landscape construction jobs have many obstacles and site issues that need to be taken into consideration, especially regarding to the weather and wildlife in this area. In NJ and the surrounding areas, we encounter deer and other wildlife that are often detrimental to plantings. Scenic Landscaping has a team of horticulturists that are knowledgeable in choosing the right specimens for each property and understand the ways in how to protect wildlife from ruining the plantings each year. Landscape construction in NJ is a carefully planned production by highly trained professionals. Scenic Landscaping understands that these projects are an investment, taking the time to carefully plan correctly helps to maintain the longevity of each planting and project.

Weather is another major factor involved in the landscape construction process. In order to construct beautiful gardens and screening, the correct specimens are chosen by our team to ensure they will last through the various weather patterns that occur in this region. Weather patterns even affect plantings from front to back yard depending on the shade and where the sun rises. From the colder winter months, to the rainy seasons or the best suited plants to thrive in the sunshine and hot summer months, our expert team of horticulturists will help to plan accordingly to ensure the landscape construction process is a positive one.

NJ Landscape Construction Services

Walkways, stepping stones, pathways through gardens, and garden seating areas are all landscape construction elements we see trending in NJ and the tri-state area. These elements all provide a new dimension to the property. These spaces allow the landscape to become more interactive, a way for homeowners and guests to become immersed in their surroundings and experience the property. At Scenic Landscaping we believe that a landscaping is not just a scene to be admired, but an environment to be fully experienced. Landscape construction in NJ creates a way for homeowners and business owners to become engaged with their surroundings. Many business owners will create outdoor seating areas as lunch or break spots, to use as a reprieve from the day to day routine indoors. Homeowners are able to create outdoor rooms and garden spaces to serve as additional entertainment or relaxation spaces to their property. Investing in your commercial landscape construction now, will prove to be much more lucrative in the long run.

Whatever your landscape construction needs may be, Scenic Landscaping is able to provide you with the top quality service you are looking for. Everything from constructing gardens spaces to integrating walkways and natural stone steps into the landscape is one professional design away. We’re here to help guide you through landscape construction process and to help create the ideal property for you to enjoy all year round.