Custom Pool Designs

Our talented and experienced team will work with you to design the inground swimming pool to best suite your lifestyle and property. From proper permits to the final pool landscaping, we have got you covered every step of the way.

Custom Pool Designs

When it comes to the design of your swimming pool, the options are truly endless. From modern to naturalistic, ethereal to kid-friendly, every lifestyle and creative vision is able to be made possible. Tranquility Pools staff are experts when it comes to creating custom pool designs.

From the custom pool design phase, to the proper permitting, to the installation, to the maintenance we are equipped to assist in every step of the project. Matching the custom pool design to each individual lifestyle as well as each property is the key. A large expansive pool squeezed into a smaller lawn space will look out of place. A small sized swim spa left out in an open space will look lost. A family with children will develop a custom pool design to be kid friendly and fun while a homeowner without children may opt for a more intimate and contemporary design. Your personal property and your lifestyle are the elements that will best decide the perfect pool for you, and our designers and architects will sit down and learn the ins and outs and make sure that you are comfortable with concept and plan.

There are many other additions and elements to coincide with your custom pool designs. There are built in sun decks that are popular now, ideal for little children as well as resting lounge chairs in the water for optimal relaxation. Diving rocks have now taken the place of diving boards, as they are a safer and more aesthetically pleasing option. The addition of a spa either adjoined to the pool or free standing is another popular feature, which provides both health benefits and a way to enjoy the spa even throughout the winter months.

The pool design does not stop at the pool. Everything from the patio, the outdoor furniture, the creation of outdoor living spaces such as kitchens, BBQs or living rooms, fire pits and fireplaces, steps and gates, and even the landscape around your pool are all other options to decide on and plan and to help make your backyard the most ideal for your personal enjoyment. Whatever suits your lifestyle and personal preferences, will be seamlessly incorporated into your custom pool design.

With your designer you will go over every element that would best suit you and how to best plan with the custom pool design space you have available. Outdoor living spaces are rapidly increasing in popularity across the region, creating the perfect poolside space. Get the most out of the beautiful northeast region months each year by creating spaces outdoors to enjoy. A BBQ and kitchen poolside, a lounge area with a custom outdoor television, a fire pit to be enjoyed on summer nights, the options are endless. Make the most of your custom pool design and backyard space this year, we can promise that you will not regret it.