Landscape Planting Services

For over 40 years Scenic Landscaping has been specializing in landscape planting services in NJ and the surrounding areas. Everything from the landscape planting design, to landscape planting installation, to landscape planting maintenance we can take care of on every project. This is where the passion lives for our company, and where we established our roots decades ago.

Typically the first stage in landscape planting services, would be creating the planting design. Scenic Landscaping’s sister company, Tapestry Landscape Architecture, is a team of talented and licensed landscape architects and designers. They coordinate and create all of the landscape planting designs while working closely with each client to ensure each individual vision is brought to life. Landscape planting design is an art, every specimen chosen is carefully in order to best thrive in the environment it is being planted in. Our architects take weather patterns, precipitation, sun exposure, and the surrounding wildlife in the area into consideration when creating the planting plan. Our landscape plans are detailed with plant lists and produced to be both aesthetic pleasing and practical in function. Often times, our clients will choose to come to our nursery and handpick the plantings they wish to use on their property. This allows a full hands on experience and learning the best specimens to use for your home.

Once the planting plan is finalized and every detail is fine-tuned, the planting installation process can begin. This was one of the first landscape planting services that Scenic Landscaping ever provided. Our team is trained and qualified to handle all the planting needs, whether it is large trees being transplanted or delicate bulbs that are carefully arranged. Our crews understand everything from the soil conditions and mulch needed, to how to properly prune and maintain the plantings. Through every season in NJ, landscape planting services will vary. Our professional team will make sure that through every climate your property is properly taken care of to look its best all year round.

Award Winning Landscape Planting Services

As part of our landscape planting services, we provide maintenance and enhancement packages to our clients. In order to keep your property looking pristine and impressive, our maintenance crews visit on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure everything is cared for properly. Maintenance is the most crucial element in keeping a landscape thriving. Like anything else, proper maintenance and specialized care improves longevity and growth, while preserving the natural beauty implemented.

One of our newer luxury landscape planting services, is our enhancement division. This division specializes in custom planters and pots, that are rotated seasonally. These have become a popular addition to a client’s home, adding elements of color and design to front steps, walkways, and piers throughout the property. Decorative seasonal planters add a classic element to a property; they are a simple landscape planting service addition, but intricate in the creativity of the flowers chosen to work together. With these enhancements, it is possible to add color and style all year round. We bring in Palm Trees for summer planters, ornate with tropical flowers that you don’t see often around NJ. In the winter months, we create holiday and festive planters, with materials that are able to survive through the harshest of conditions, allowing your home to still bring cheer during the cold winter season.

If you are interested in learning more about the landscape planting services we provide, please feel free to contact us at the office and we would be happy to set up a free consultation with you at your convenience.