English Garden Design

New Jersey English Garden Design

An English Garden design is a popular type of garden that many homeowners gravitate towards today. The style of a typical English Garden design combines elements of structure with sections of pure freedom. They incorporate a formal layout, though the insides are less refined. The idea of these gardens is to create a space where the outside of the garden is contained and yet inside, the plants and flowers are free to grow wildly.

Scenic Landscaping year after year is creating, designing, installing and maintaining English Gardens for our clients. In French Gardens, everything is structured and pristine, with sharp edges and clean visible lines keeping a very manicured style at all times. English Garden designs in contrast, will use this stylistic approach to create the outside border of a garden, usually with boxwoods or hedges, but then fill the inside with natural growing flowers and materials, letting them grow as they like, creating this organized chaos type feel.

There is a much bigger range of creativity that can be used when working with English Garden designs, since the specimens used are endless. Throughout every decade, these gardens have stayed true to their character and are easily identified because of this. Often traditional materials are used as well, such as brick and pea stone and gravel, to add pathways and walkways through these garden spaces. The idea is to create small rooms and seating private areas within these gardens, making them interactive and personal to each homeowner.

If you are interested in designing an English Garden space for your home, Scenic Landscaping’s team of professionals are here to help bring it to life. The creativity and design is truly endless when it comes to creating this space, within the formal layout and structure, the colors and textures and specimens inside are left up to the imagination. Our horticulturists will work with you to help hand select the best material to suit your property, soil, sun exposure, personal taste and colors that work best for your home. We are here to help customize the perfect English Garden design for you and your loved ones to enjoy for many years to come.