Pool Landscape Design

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New Jersey Custom Pool Landscape Design

After your swimming pool is complete there is a final element that is vital to tie everything together: the pool landscape design. Pool landscaping is its own craft, and it takes a skilled and knowledgeable landscape designer to understand the best plant specimens to suit your concrete pool in NJ.

A pool landscape design is used to tie together your concrete pool to the style and architecture of your home. Landscaping is used to seamlessly blend together your entire property, creating texture and providing purpose throughout the entire area. Tranquility’s sister company Tapestry Landscape Architecture has some of the best landscape architects and designers in the industry. They work with each client to create a pool landscape design that best suits the pool and property. They are experts in choosing the correct specimens and material that will both thrive and provide beauty surrounding the swimming pool. Tropicals are popular in landscape in this region, since they are deer resistant and create a lush and tropical feel, making your concrete pool feel like your own personal resort. It is now possible in New Jersey to have your very own Palm Trees poolside, making the transformation to the Caribbean in your own backyard truly possibly.

Once you are satisfied with your pool landscape design, Tranquility’s other sister company Scenic Landscaping is who will come and do the planting and installations. Scenic Landscaping has been in the industry for decades and are the true professionals when it comes to any landscape need. With Scenic, you will also be able to choose from maintenance and enhancement packages for your pool landscaping, ensuring it is impressive and thriving throughout the seasons.

Together, Tranquility Pools with our sister companies Scenic Landscaping and Tapestry Landscape Architecture, everything aspect from the installation to your concrete pool to the pool landscape design, to the final pool landscape and construction is all handled under our own roof. We work together as one unit, from start to finish which creates a seamless flow on every project. You can relax knowing you are in good hands, with experts in the industry for years that are here to educate and assist, as well as work alongside your own creative vision and help bring it to life. Feel free to browse our gallery of pool landscaping ideas, let us help as inspiration and a way to start planning the perfect landscape pool design and living space for your home.

In Ground Pool Designs

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Hiring the services of landscape architect to help with your in ground pool designs will eliminate many problems you may face otherwise. Scenic Landscaping, and it’s sister company, Tapestry Landscape Architecture will help design an in ground pool design plan that will benefit you for years to come.

Scenic Landscaping and Tapestry Landscape Architecture in New Jersey, work with their sister company, Tranquility Pools, to install some of the best inground pool designs in the NJ area. When choosing to add a pool to your yard, there are many different issues to sort out, and decisions to be made. It’s a smart idea to have a lead person who can be overseeing the project, so the homeowner doesn’t need to be involved. Working with a qualified inground pool company, such as Tranquility Pools, ensures that your project stays in the right hands.

Tranquility Pools, our in ground pool company, will assist you in your pool process by taking care of your planning approval, permits, variances, coordinating all contractors, picking finishes on the pool, tile for pool, coping for the pool and any other decisions necessary. Tranquility Pools is an inground pool company that is equipped to help you decide on the necessity and placement of any pool benches, sun decks, swim outs, steps, and where to place the pool in your yard for the ideal sunlight. We make sure to oversee the removal of excess soil and help beautify the entire inground pool design with the appropriate and fitting landscape and fencing.

Custom In Ground Pool Designs

Let the professionals do what they do best. Your pool contractor alone cannot do it all. You need an architect first. Scenic Landscaping and Tapestry Landscape Architecture uses a team of professionals to get your job done. Our sister company, Tranquility Pools is an experienced inground pool company ready to take care of all the details. Rather than hiring a dozen contractors to assist with your in ground pool, you just need one. Anyone can build a pool, but you need the professionals there to create the inground pool design. We are a one stop shop here, from design to construction to maintenance, we have got you covered.

Swimming Pool Construction Company

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The swimming pool construction process can always seem to be a bit taxing at first. The staking the area and the digging, seeing your entire property in the construction phase is a stressful scene for a homeowner. Rest assured that it is common, and it is quickly transformed into the creative vision you had in mind. Seeing the final pool construction and getting to enjoy your new private oasis with friends and family makes the whole process well worth it.

At Scenic Landscaping, we have our sister pool construction company, Tranquility Pools that handles the swimming pool construction process. Our clients get the best of every world working with us, since every stage of the project is all handled under our roof. Our designers and architects help plan the perfect pool suited to your home and your lifestyle. Tranquility Pools handles the swimming pool construction and afterwards, Scenic Landscaping provides the landscaping and any hardscape which ties the whole yard together. We are involved every day, along every step, to help make the swimming pool construction process stress-free.

When it comes to swimming pool construction in NJ, there are no limits to the creative elements that can be involved. From built in sun decks and benches, to freestanding or attached spas, to custom natural stone waterfalls and features, there are so many ways to make your inground swimming pool your very own. Diving rocks and water slides, LED lights and fountains are all fun and easy ways to make your swimming pool more awe-inspiring and impressive, and always more kid friendly at the same time. Our talented designers and architects learn about your lifestyle and the ways your swimming pool in NJ will be utilized. Every type of pool from an inground naturalistic and rustic setting, to an intimate custom built spa area, to a massive fun filled family pool and everything in between are possible. Swimming pool construction has come a long way in the past decade, varying in shapes and light colors, with many homeowners now opting for saltwater pools vs. the chlorine water. We will be sure to go over every option, pricing and variations out there with you.

Your Custom Swimming Pool Construction Company

Working with a swimming pool construction company helps to ensure that the whole process does not need to be a strenuous one. Working with the right pool construction company with plenty of experience ensures that you will have an easier time from start to finish, and even enjoy seeing the stages as they progress. Scenic Landscaping provides a wonderful team of architects, designers, builders, and landscapers that can and will cover every element of the project with expertise and honesty.

Pool Designs

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When beginning to think about a swimming pool for your property, hiring the services of a landscape architect will help you save money in the long run. Incorporating great pool designs will not only serve its purpose functionally, but aesthetically as well. Scenic Landscaping, and it’s sister company, Tapestry Landscape Architecture have crafted many pool designs that are pleasing to the eye.

There are so many options to choose from when deciding on the right pool for your yard. Scenic Landscaping and Tapestry Landscape Architecture work with you in the process of combining all your pool design ideas and bringing them into life.

When deciding on the best pool design to best suit your needs, it is important to first consider what type of pool it is that you are looking for: A formal pool or an informal pool; a natural pool, or a structured pool. There are also various features that you may want to include such as a waterfall, a Jacuzzi, a water slide, a diving board. Deciding on what types of night lighting you may want to use is also something to consider, as well as choosing the right types of landscape surrounding your pool. It is important to not choose plants that may attract bees or other wildlife.

Custom Pool Designs

Scenic Landscaping and Tapestry Landscape Architecture’s team use your pool design ideas in order to create the pool best suited to your lifestyle. They take into consideration all of your thoughts in order to accommodate when designing the right pool for you. Our designs are based on lifestyle, not just looks. So if you are seeking a leading pool design company, contact Scenic Landscaping today, and we’ll help you design and construct your dream pool.

Luxury Pools and Spa Designs

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There are several things to consider when planning a luxury pool or spa for your property. Most importantly, having a landscape architect involved in the process from the early stages will help you with the pool and spa designs as well as the overall space and landscaping plan. Scenic Landscaping, along with it’s sister company, Tapestry Landscape Architecture, have designed and managed many luxury pools and spas throughout the years. Let their expertise and skills of over 40 years incorporate your New Jersey luxury pool and spa in the overall landscape.

Scenic Landscaping and Tapestry Landscape Architecture of New Jersey work with their sister company, Tranquility Pools in order to design and install your luxury pool and spa and bring it to life. With styles ranging from formal rectangular pools, to ornate pools with a complementary waterfall, to a naturalistic pool built into the landscape, we customize every pool and spa design including surrounding patio and landscape to meet your specific taste.

Full Service Luxury Pools and Spa Designs

Instead of hiring various contractors to oversee your pool installation process, just hire one. The team at Scenic Tapestry and Tranquility Pools will monitor and carry along the entire production, from the initial pool and spa design all the way through to completion. There’s a lot to take care of while your luxury pool and spa are being built, and we help make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks. Our New Jersey luxury pool designers work with you to oversee every aspect along with the project:

-Electrical services to choose from
-Correct pool coping
-Pool tiles
-What type of equipment to use
-Finishes on your project
-Patio design
-What type of fence
-Timing on pool completion
-Managing your money spent
-Initial pool and spa designs with a licensed landscape architect

There is a lot more to think about than just building a pool. Scenic Landscaping and Tapestry Landscape Architecture and Tranquility Pools will make sure all items and issues are cared for, and oversee the entire production until you are happy with the completion of your luxury pool and spa.

Custom Pool Designs

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Custom Pool Designs

When it comes to the design of your swimming pool, the options are truly endless. From modern to naturalistic, ethereal to kid-friendly, every lifestyle and creative vision is able to be made possible. Tranquility Pools staff are experts when it comes to creating custom pool designs.

From the custom pool design phase, to the proper permitting, to the installation, to the maintenance we are equipped to assist in every step of the project. Matching the custom pool design to each individual lifestyle as well as each property is the key. A large expansive pool squeezed into a smaller lawn space will look out of place. A small sized swim spa left out in an open space will look lost. A family with children will develop a custom pool design to be kid friendly and fun while a homeowner without children may opt for a more intimate and contemporary design. Your personal property and your lifestyle are the elements that will best decide the perfect pool for you, and our designers and architects will sit down and learn the ins and outs and make sure that you are comfortable with concept and plan.

There are many other additions and elements to coincide with your custom pool designs. There are built in sun decks that are popular now, ideal for little children as well as resting lounge chairs in the water for optimal relaxation. Diving rocks have now taken the place of diving boards, as they are a safer and more aesthetically pleasing option. The addition of a spa either adjoined to the pool or free standing is another popular feature, which provides both health benefits and a way to enjoy the spa even throughout the winter months.
The pool design does not stop at the pool. Everything from the patio, the outdoor furniture, the creation of outdoor living spaces such as kitchens, BBQs or living rooms, fire pits and fireplaces, steps and gates, and even the landscape around your pool are all other options to decide on and plan and to help make your backyard the most ideal for your personal enjoyment. Whatever suits your lifestyle and personal preferences, will be seamlessly incorporated into your custom pool design.

With your designer you will go over every element that would best suit you and how to best plan with the custom pool design space you have available. Outdoor living spaces are rapidly increasing in popularity across the region, creating the perfect poolside space. Get the most out of the beautiful northeast region months each year by creating spaces outdoors to enjoy. A BBQ and kitchen poolside, a lounge area with a custom outdoor television, a fire pit to be enjoyed on summer nights, the options are endless. Make the most of your custom pool design and backyard space this year, we can promise that you will not regret it.