Bergen County Estate Pool Design

Our firm was tasked with designing and building a unique one-of-a-kind residential landscape plan. Unlike anything else we had ever seen. Everything on this property was custom built, which up until this point, was virtually unheard of. We needed to encompass the vision of the architecture of the home, which was built to look like it was 100 years old, while at the same time, delivering a high end, highly functional, modern outdoor lifestyle. From a massive overflow perimeter swimming pool, to a fully glass tiled spa, to a spacious patio, multiple gardens and water fountains, every inch of this beautiful estate was carefully curated, designed, and executed. All the stones that we installed on this property were reclaimed from roads and ruins all over Europe. At the end of the day it was a masterpiece, every detail was thought out, every design was custom. Took a collaborative effort from our team of architects and designers, as well as the homeowners.

We had to make a brand-new landscape and pool fit the aesthetic of the home, which was to look like it was a 100-year-old estate. With a combination of the most modern amenities and technology, including fiberoptic lights, underwater speakers, glass mosaic tiles for the pool we were able to cohesively put it all together to match the overall feel of the home.

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