Fire Pit Garden Space in Harrison, NY

This client had Tudor style home that they had started modernizing when they brought us into the project. They were looking for a modern cottage garden feel, and space to entertain that would allow good flow and better connection from their raised deck to the rest of the yard. Ultimately, we created three tiers to this backyard space. The homeowner is a tennis player and wanted an easily accessible prefab hot tub to blend into the space as her relaxation spot. We pulled out an old outdoor fire pit and built a much larger one, which became the main entertainment hub as we integrated it better within the backyard space. We used more traditional bluestone material for patio and steps, while adding clean lines and long steppers to give it a more modern feel. We picked out a fountain and chose the placement to ensure it would be seen from the kitchen window and would be able to hear the water from all areas in the backyard. The fountain stands out with reclaimed bluestone edge and river rocks.

We enhanced the existing screening and tried to mimic plant material, choosing purposeful plantings and flowers. We worked together with architect on the deck to update it and add evening lighting and barn doors to the storage. The very sleek railing allows for unobstructed views of the backyard.

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