Monroe, NY Log Cabin Property

Over ten years ago we met these clients and started helping them design their dream log cabin property. They had an isolated location with over 20 acres of land. Our masons were brought in to be artists in the process of incorporating the natural stone into the design. We did the stone veneer on the base and back of the home, as well as the chimney and stone pillars holding up the rear deck. The homeowner was looking for a landscape design that would complement the log cabin home as well as the surrounding wildlife. Because of all the woods and rocks, there was not a lot of opportunity for lawn areas. We worked with natural features to blend the woods and the home with a more natural style garden spaces and a large fire pit patio area.

These clients are very environmentally conscious, and hands on with the outdoors. They harvest their own wood from the property and even use it to heat their home throughout the winter. The shed on the property we helped to site and to build, and it is used to store all their wood. We had to keep deer resistant planting as a top priority, and the wildflowers attract all the butterflies and hummingbirds.

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