Call an NJ Landscaping Company for Intensive Lawn Care this Summer

June 17th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

Along with this spectacle, however, summer always brings a host of weather and soil conditions that make landscaping rather challenging. This year is likely to be the same, but with an added dash of challenge. Sarah Bloom of WWBT says that the harsh winter season has led to more serious snow and ice damage on evergreen trees throughout Richmond, Virginia. Coupled with last fall’s spider mite infestation, some delicate horticultural work is definitely needed this season.

Considering that evergreens and spider mites are found in the Northeastern United States, Bloom’s assessment on summer landscaping this year also holds true in New Jersey. That said, not everyone has the skills, tools, and/or the time to prune their trees or get rid of mites in their lawns. In fact, it is likely that many people in New Jersey have other things to worry about, like repairing snow and ice damage done to their homes.

Luckily, a reliable landscaping company in NJ, like Scenic Landscaping, can be called on to lend a hand. While homeowners focus on more pressing matters, landscaping companies can work on trimming problematic trees, replanting, and doing other essential summer lawn care.

In addition to restoring the health of the evergreens, one of the things landscaping experts can look out for this summer is dehydration among plants. Homeowners who have little time or skills for gardening can easily overlook this problem as the symptoms come gradually. Plants on the verge of dehydration usually have brownish, curling leaf edges and keeled over stems.

On the other hand, yellowish leaves, coupled with blossoms falling prematurely, are a sign of serious dehydration, which means that the plants need to be watered immediately. Newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials are likely to suffer from dehydration, although old flower beds can also wither quickly from the heat.

While dehydration is a pressing concern in summer lawn care, simpler tasks like weed removal and soil tilling shouldn’t be forgotten. A follow-up to winter and fall lawn cleaning is necessary, to clear away dead plants, fallen tree limbs, and other debris. Reliable landscaping companies in NJ can be counted on to do these tasks.

Homeowners shouldn’t be intimidated if this year’s summer season has rather different landscaping concerns. Professional care from reliable landscaping companies will make a good starting point in caring for lawns all season long. After all, no one knows evergreens, spider mites, plant dehydration, and other gardening concerns better than they.

(Source: Landscaping warnings for Summer, WWBT, May 28, 2014)


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