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The Season for Fall Displays: Landscape Design Advice

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The landscapes across the east coast are transforming. This time of year we are always captivated by the changing colors around us. With the warmer weather we have had this month, some changes in foliage are delayed. While mother nature takes care of dressing up much of the landscape for fall, homeowners are always looking for ways to do the same to their home. Installing fall displays is a popular trend this time season. Every year, we work with many of our clients to customize impressive displays for their home.

Tips for dressing up your home with fall displays

  • This season has a full selection of festive items to choose from
    • Pumpkins, mums, hay, gourds
    • Many of these items are inexpensive
    • Can survive cooler temperatures and frosts
  • Use plenty of autumnal items to add color and interest, mix and match, the more the better
  • Dress your front steps and entry ways into your home for curb appeal
  • Painting pumpkins is an easy way to complement the colors to your home
  • Planting mums in planting beds, over spring bulbs helps to keep color in the yard
  • Update planters on property with mums and greenery

fall display ideas

Whether you prefer to DIY, or hire a professional, fall displays are a creative and appealing addition to any home this time of year. Fall is always so fleeting. Take the time to admire the colors and the crisp evening and mornings, and warmer afternoons. This time of year is one that many try to capture. Fall displays help to enhance the beauty of this time of year.  These displays are great for anytime from September through Thanksgiving and can last longer than summer or spring plants and flowers. And whether or not you choose to decorate your home for Halloween, with added spooky elements, such as ghosts, witches and decor, your home becomes a big hit for trick-or-treating.

Night lighting enhances your displays, as the evenings begin to fall earlier this season. Illuminate your front walkway and steps, not only for safety, but to show off the displays. As the weather get cooler, the warm colors and lighting give your home the warmer and inviting glow.

Scenic Landscaping provides a Maintenance, Custom Garden Service and Enhancement Division for our clients. This division is available to care for your flowers, plants, shrubs and gardens with the expertise and dedication required to preserve your landscape design. Our services can be customized to best fit your needs and catered to enhancing, maintaining, preserving, and perfecting your garden all year long.

This time of year our fall service is being implemented. Gardens are starting to close beginning in November through December. This includes preparation of the garden for winter months, (i.e., cut back of perennials, weeding, and edging of planting beds.) Ornamental grasses cut back at homeowner’s discretion. Fall displays are being created and customized to each home and budget.

Interested in creating fall displays for your home? We are here to help. From mums, pumpkins, baskets, hay barrels, wreaths, baskets and more, we can customize an impressive display to enjoy this season.


fall landscape tips

Fall Landscape Tips from Landscape Professionals

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Fall is starting this week, and we are starting to see signs. As summer is winding down, and temperatures begin to cool off, we know Fall is in the air. The evenings are getting darker earlier, the first signs of colors changing in the foliage. Back to school routines, busy schedules and changes to the landscapes are all around us. Homeowners this time of year are often looking for  fall landscape tips or advice on ways to best improve their property.

There are three important things to consider this time of year, when it comes to your property.

  1. Fall is for Planting. As a general rule of thumb and important fall landscape tips we tell all our clients. This is the best time of year to redesign your landscape and plant in your garden. Consider Fall your time for a landscape makeover, and get everything planted into the ground before in freezes. Use this time to plan for changes you would like to see, that you were unable to achieve this year. It is the season to put your gardens to rest, and plan for next year.

2. Fall also means it is time for spring bulbs. Bulbs need to be planted in the next few months, before the ground freezes. That way, once winter passes, your property will come to life in bursts of colors and flowers. Mums and pansies can be planted right over your spring bulbs, providing fall colors. This way, you can plant for two seasons at once.

  1. Fall displays! Although not so vast as summer annuals, there are still many choices to enhance your fall landscape through the colder months to comes. Mums, kale and cabbages to fall pansies, perennials and ornamental grasses are all popular choices. Combined with fall displays using pumpkins, gourds, hay and other seasonal ornaments, apple baskets, crates and Indian corn, they are a festive and impressive way to dress up your front lawn this season.

Fall is the time of year to get work done in the yard you were unable to make happen this year. Use this time of year to plan ahead. Consider changes you would like to see to your home next year, and use the colder months to plan for it. Whether you wish to expand upon your gardens, have a full property clean up, or brand new outdoor living spaces. This is the time of year to plant and plan for it.

Scenic Landscaping are professionals in fall landscape tips, as well as advice for your landscape all year long. We can create the right combination to keep your landscape looking beautiful into the fall. From customized displays to garden enhancement services, we provide personalized landscape packages to fit every budget, style and property needs. We look forward to helping you achieve your landscape goals for 2018.

luxury landscape design

Luxury Landscape Design

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On the East Coast, with ever changing landscapes, summer always finds ways to steal the show. This time of year properties are in full swing with bursts of colors and textures. Flowers and trees are blooming everywhere you look, attracting wildlife, inspiring photographs. Summertime also means outdoor living. Families are spending time outdoors enjoying their homes and the scenery around them.

Taking pride in your landscape, and enjoying your backyard space is an art form. It becomes an extension of your home. Some people prefer the DIY approach. Others, look to professionals and contractors for help. For many homeowners a luxury landscape design is important. It is an investment that improves property value. It is also an investment that improves aesthetic and lifestyle.

The Value a Luxury Landscape Design Brings

Swimming pools, patios and outdoor kitchens are always the first thing that comes to mind with outdoor living. However, a well maintained landscape is another element that enhances any property. From planters, to planting beds, garden spaces to pristine grass, these additions create added value and appeal to the home. In parts of the Northeast, homeowners and business owners alike, incorporating a luxury landscape design is not only a priority, but also becomes a hobby.

Many of our clients look to us for help in creating a landscape design that complements their home, as well as reflects their personal taste. Landscape is completely personal and entirely customizable. While some conditions may cause restrictions, such as soil, sun and shade exposure, wildlife, and drainage on the property, there are still countless ways to design any space. Working with a landscape designer helps to make these decisions simpler. It also helps to ensure money is not wasted on specimens that are not right for the land.

A luxury landscape design is a well-thought out plan, while being properly executed and maintained. It should last through every season, creating new elements of interest. A true landscape will continue to grow and change, becoming more and more beautiful and intricate with every passing year. Choosing the proper landscape materials, and working with a skilled team will help to achieve a thorough and thriving landscape. There is the added value of curb appeal and property worth that comes from investing in landscaping. There are many different styles to choose from, whether a modern design, natural landscape, zen gardens, or simplistic landscape is your preference.

Our team of professionals are always available to help. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing property or create an entire new landscape design, we can bring a luxury landscape design to your home to enjoy all year long.


Summer Container Gardens to Enhance Your Home

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This is an exciting season, when outdoor entertainment is in full swing, time for barbecuing enjoying your backyard, and really making time to perfect your garden. Investing the time in your garden this time of year helps it to be at its best all summer long. Proper maintenance, irrigation, care, and planning will help your landscape throughout the summertime.

Many times, our clients will come to us asking for ideas on how to easily add color, texture and enhance the landscape to their home. We always recommend investing in pots and planters for your property. Creating custom container gardens is an easy way to spruce up your curb appeal. Summer container gardens are a fun and vibrant season to work with plant materials and flowers.

Summer Container Gardens: An Easy Way to Add Color to Your Home this Summer Season

There is an endless variety of pots and planters, in an array of materials, sizes and shapes. It is easy to choose the best planters for your property, based on your style preference as well as your budget. When it comes to summer container gardens, think bold colors and textures. The plant materials and flowers that will bloom all summer long bring bursts of color this across the northeast.

A popular trend emerging for those looking to spend more money on their planters, is potted palms. It is possible to bring some palm trees to the Northeast! While they will only last for the season, they are a fun and eye-catching way to bring a Caribbean or West Coast feel to the tri-state area during the summertime. These planters will do best pool side, and in the sunshine all summer long.

Curb Appeal is everything! We always tell our clients to invest in their front yards. Clean lines in planting beds, decorative planters and urns, a nice clean even lawn, hanging planters, LED lighting for evening ambiance. Placing your summer container gardens on entry steps, bench or fountain near gardens in the front of the home is an easy way to boost curb appeal. These are all easy investments that attract passerby’s, as well as potential buyers. The front of the home is the first thing someone will see, so take the time to make sure it looks clean, charming and welcoming.

Container gardens are a year round investment, that can be changed seasonally. Scenic offers a custom garden enhancement division that will update, plant, maintain and design your container gardens for you, if a green thumb is not something that comes naturally to you. We are always here to help plan and to guide our clients in the best way possible. Feel free to use us as a resource for all your summer container gardens and landscape maintenance questions.

Westchester Home Magazine – Outstanding Landscaping Feature

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In the new summer issue of Westchester Home Magazine, Scenic was featured as one of the four Outstanding Landscaping Features in the NY area.

Our project that was featured is in Pelham Manor, NY. This backyard has everything, from a pergola covered seating area, custom fireplace, ample seating, outdoor kitchen, pizza oven, multiple televisions, spa, and bar area. This is a dream backyard for entertaining and relaxing in every season. Read the entire interview below, and pick up the Summer Issue today to read the feature and see the other award winning jobs in the Westchester area.


NY Outstanding Landscaping Interview Questions

  1. What was the overall scope of this project? What did you start with and what were the client’s must-haves? 

-This client was working with SDR Design for the interior design of their new house. We were brought in to execute the exterior construction and landscape, and assist in blending it seamlessly to the style of the home. When we came onto the project, we were brought in the help fabricate the outdoor living lifestyle, while helping the beautification process of the whole property.

The overall scope was to create a whole new outdoor space in an existing lot, that the entire family of 6 could enjoy all year. They wanted this space to be used as an extension of their home. It started with very well constructed large retaining walls, reworking an existing sports court to create more open space, designating new garden areas and keeping a clean and consistent design throughout. The client’s must haves were ample space for entertaining, dining and relaxing, as well as garden areas to enhance and add colors throughout the seasons. It was important to this family to have bursts of color and pretty views from their back windows to admire while indoors.

Marmiro Stone provided all the marble which came overseas from Turkey.

  1. How long did it take to complete this project?

– This was a year long project due to the complexity and coordination involved. There was very detailed craftsmanship needed with many of the pieces being fabricated right on site. The pre-planning stage takes lots of time and oversight as well, to ensure every detail is handled and planned accordingly. Many of the materials were also coming in from overseas which adds time to the process as well. We were very diligent in planning for every element, from the customized benches and bar features, to the high-end wet laid walls; all of this takes time to meet the client’s expectations and ensure the utmost precision.

  1. What should homeowners consider when putting an entertainment system or TV outdoors?

-It is important to understand that there is a lot of planning involved with audio and speakers for an outdoor space. The organization of the electrical aspect must be very thought out, and having the right specialist on site is crucial. This process involves coordination between masons and electricians during the early planning stages to be done correctly. You will need to consider where to place the equipment so it can remain out of sight and not become an eye sore. Consider your cost and budget as well. For extensive wiring, the price as well as the timeline for the project will increase.

  1. What is all included in this outdoor kitchen?

– This kitchen included a pizza oven, stainless steel Lynx appliances were used for BBQ and fridge. There is a garbage pullout and a cocktail station, large marble spacious counter space with a stainless-steel sink, dishwasher, beer fridge, and ample bar seating. There is a customized under counter shelf space that we included for the pizza oven to be stored while it is not in use. There are also LED lights underneath counter tops, so the family can utilize the kitchen at night as well. There is a separate outdoor TV area over the kitchen as well, that everyone can enjoy from the bar.

  1. It looks like this family likes to entertain. What direction did they give you in terms of that?

-SDR designer had ideas of what they wanted we helped to execute them. This family knew they wanted to create various outdoor living rooms to utilize in every season. From a covered fireplace area to a spacious dining area, to a spa patio space, there is something for everyone to enjoy at all times.

  1. 6. How much seating is there? It feels like a lot along with some “hidden” or built in benches.

-There is plenty of seating throughout this entire project. Around the kitchen bar holds seating for at least eight people, there is a large outdoor dining table nearby that can seat up to ten at once, with movement space purposely planned around table area. The fireplace area has couches and built in benches made of stone. There are large oversized chairs and couches for relaxing seating space. Even the fireplaces hearth is very large to accommodate extra seating with custom bench areas. The lower spa area also has custom bench seating for those sitting around the jacuzzi or watching the outdoor TV in that space.

All the spa equipment was hidden, the maintenance system and control systems are out of sight allowing the spa area to blend seamlessly into the patio space as if it belonged there all along.

7. How many TVs are there?


  1. How many fire pits or places are there?


  1. How many different areas or terraces are there and what purpose do each serve?

-Kitchen, Dining Room, Fireplace Room, Spa Area, and garden rooms. All of these rooms serve as a space to enjoy and entertain with friends and family.

  1. What is the biggest mistake homeowners tend to make when they embark on large outstanding landscaping projects like this? 

-Not taking the time to plan properly. These clients were very well thought out and involved throughout the process. They made sure to hire and work with a great diligent team. The biggest mistake we come across in this industry is not being proactive – It is important to trust the professionals, hire the right team, and make sure you find specialists you can trust that will keep your best interest in mind.

  1. What are some of your favorite elements of this project?

-The combination of materials and the details found in the craftsmanship and stonework. There are rolling hedges in landscape, with rose gardens that are tucked behind boxwood hedges. Urns throughout the property that hold seasonal colorful arrangements. The beautiful mature landscape we brought onto this property perfectly balances the construction of the home. We made sure the landscape looked as though it belonged on the property all long by bringing in larger pieces, so it did not look brand new.

The clients were great to work with and positive and enjoyed being involved which is always an added reward for us. Collaborating with SDR Design and Marmiro Stone, as a large group of design professionals was beneficial. We were all able to work in a beautiful setting, bringing superior craftsmanship, outstanding landscaping and a wide variety of elements together to bring this project to life.

The Time of Year for Outdoor Living Spaces

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This time of year, the warm weather always brings about a new lifestyle across the east coast. Families begin to spend more time in outdoor living spaces, become more active, schedules become busier and spring cleaning inspires changes both inside and outside their homes. As Memorial Day approaches, homeowners are beginning to open their swimming pools in anticipation for the summer months.

Over the course of the last few years, the trend of building inground swimming pools and creating outdoor living spaces has skyrocketed. An increasing number of homeowners are developing unique and impressive outdoor rooms to complement their lifestyles.

As experienced designers and builders of outdoor living spaces, we always tell our clients to consider your daily routine and your family’s lifestyle to decide what would work best for you. Creating the ideal outdoor living space is essentially designing an extension onto your home. The new area can be turned into an outdoor living room with a fireplace, kitchen with bar space, dining area, entertainment area, pool or spa area, or an enclosed garden space.  It depends on each homeowner’s preference and needs to expand upon their home.

Visualize the best way to utilize your outdoor space. Do you see yourself entertaining friends and family, or looking for a tranquil, intimate space screened in from neighbors? It is also important to consider which seasons this space would best be utilized. Would it be year-round and need a fire feature for the colder months? A shaded area where you would need a pergola or overhead screening? Or a poolside patio to soak up the sunshine in the summer? Every client’s needs and personal style preferences are different, but with the right team of architects and designers, anything can be customized to meet every unique vision and budget.

At Scenic Landscaping, we work with our sister companies Tapestry Landscape Architecture and Tranquility Pools to provide a seamless, start to finish experience for our clients. We know starting to develop a brand-new space is overwhelming, and we are there throughout the entire process. We work closely with each client to understand their needs, visions, and we are there to assist from initial design, through build, as well as ongoing maintenance. Every job is completely customized and we take pride in lending our expertise every step of the way. Make this the year you invest in your property, enhance your lifestyle, and bring that new dream space to life.