Fall Landscaping Ideas

October 1st, 2015 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

As a state motto, Fall is for Planting! It’s a good key rule to keep in mind, is when football season arrives, it is mum planting time. It is considered the “football season plant.” Fall landscaping ideas include many mums will last till Halloween, or through the first one or two frosts of the season. As that mum season ends, it is a good time to plant ornamental kale and cabbage. These will last you through the cold, winter months. You will begin to see Black-eyed Susan out now, as well as a second generation of Knockout Roses and Carpet Roses.  The burning bush plants are turning red in color, and Pansies and Kale are being planted now to last through early winter.

Although not so vast as your summer annuals, there are still many choices to enhance your fall landscaping ideas.  From mums, kale and cabbages to fall pansies, perennials and ornamental grasses, combined with fall displays using pumpkins, gourds, hay and other seasonal ornaments, (apple baskets, crates and Indian corn.)

Scenic Landscaping can create the right combination to keep your landscape looking beautiful into the fall. Installation will begin around the end of September beginning of October, weather permitting.There is no better time than the present to get your fall display orders in so we can schedule your property.

Early fall is a beautiful season for fall landscaping ideas. The color changes every year are breathtaking, yet fleeting. Take the time to appreciate it this year. While the leaves changing colors always visibly seems to us as the true start to fall, the season starts much earlier. Once the soil temperatures begin to drop in mid-August, the fall season is truly beginning. The soil is getting cooler due to the shorter days of sunlight and cooler temperatures by early evening causing the transition into fall to transpire.

Fall is also the perfect season for enjoying time outside, in the last few weeks of cool refreshing temperatures. Throughout the New Jersey area, the trend of outdoor living is becoming more and more prominent when it comes to fall landscaping ideas. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, barbeques and bar areas are ideal to be enjoyed during this season. With the addition of outdoor televisions, football season can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own yard. While the season changing is always a beautiful time to admire, there is also a lot of work to be done to prepare for the cold weather to come.

This is a transitional time ideal for implementing new fall landscaping ideas. This time of year homeowners are trying to coax summer successes to hold on for just a little longer, and at the same time batten gardens down to survive through the winter. With decreasing temperatures come many changes taking place in your yard. Soil temperatures drop, leaves on the trees are slowly changing colors, dew is forming on the lawn, and the dynamics of your gardens are all starting to change.

This time of year is ideal for both planning and planting for fall landscaping ideas. Anything that gets planted in the fall will establish a deeper route system and will experience minimal exterior growth.  There is much less stress on plants at this time of year. The natural dew forming on your yard from the warm days turning into cooler evening will produce on the grass. This helps to promote the natural plant and tree growth, and will be especially beneficial to your lawn. This also allows specimens to flourish for the following season. This is the time of year to prepare your yard for it to be at its fullest potential and make sure all your fall landscaping ideas come to fruition.


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