Fall Planters and Fall Landscaping Projects

October 28th, 2018 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

While mother nature puts on quite a show in autumn, there are plenty of fall landscaping projects to enhance your home. This time of year we are enjoying the colors changing in the foliage. As summer is winding down, and temperatures begin to cool off, we know Fall is in the air. Back to school routines, busy schedules and changes to the landscapes are all around us. As the air temperatures change, the sunlight retreats earlier, and the soil temperatures drop, we see changes all around us. As for our landscapes, out with the summer blooms and in with the fall materials. Planting beds and container gardens are refreshed with fall planter material, changing the bright summer colors to new autumn color scheme.

Fall Planters to Enhance Your Property 

Looking for ways to bring the best fall flowers to your property? Urns, planters, and fountains are fun and easy additions to add to your yard to match your home and garden. With a wide variety of styles and vendors available, the best fall planters are easy to find to fit your preference and budget. Seasonal planters enhance the natural landscape all year long.

For this season, the fall flowers for pots and the fall plants for pots that are most popular to use would be mums, kale and cabbages to fall pansies, perennials and ornamental grasses. These materials thrive in the cooler fall temperatures and become perfect additions to enhance your natural fall landscapes. Combined with fall displays using pumpkins, gourds, hay and other seasonal ornaments, apple baskets, crates and Indian corn, they are a festive and impressive way to dress up your front lawn this season.

Fall Landscaping Projects, Ideas & Tips to Stay Ahead

As landscape professionals, we always give the same advice this time of year. Often, people will wait too long and miss out on this window of opportunity to have their bulbs planted. Don’t be the ones kicking yourself in the spring, but rather, the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Remember as a fall motto, fall is for planting. Bulbs must be planted in the fall season, before the ground begins to freeze. Daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, and tulips will all bloom in the springtime; giving you that early color display we always long for once winter passes. Every year, once winter passes we all look forward to seeing those first bursts of color in your yard. Everything comes back to life in the springtime when the new bulbs appear. While it may seem early right now to be thinking about next spring, now is the important time to plan ahead. To make sure your home is bursting with colors and springing into action after a long winter, start planting now.

We are always creating and cultivating fun and innovative fall landscaping ideas and fall planter ideas with our clients. Adding colors and textures, and enhancing your curb appeal is our specialty. If you are interested in enhancing your property, fall landscaping projects or looking for some seasonal maintenance services, call us today for a free consultation. We look forward to bringing your entire property to life.

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