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June 25th, 2018 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

Summertime is a time for gardens. The landscapes, trees and bushes all around us are finally bursting and blooming with colors. While mother nature takes care of some on her own, many homeowners cultivate and create their own home garden design plans. Gardening is its own art form and way of expression. It enhances home property values and adds interest to the space all year round.

It is always rewarding to see gardens come to life in the summertime, especially after months of planning and maintenance. With proper garden design plans and proper maintenance, the perfect garden for your home is achievable.

Garden Design Plans Best for Your Property

To begin, look at your lawn as a blank space or empty canvas. When looking at your own property, what type of garden do you see? Are you looking to create color, symmetry? Are you looking for a zen space or a wild free flowing design? Are you planting a garden as a way to create privacy? Or are you looking to develop smaller rooms and sections?

When planning a new garden,working with designer and horticulturist expert is a great way to create garden design plans. Working with an expert helps to alleviate the stress for beginners, as well as guarantees a way to create the space you are picturing in your mind. In the long run, hiring a professional helps to save money, with choosing the proper plant materials that will thrive in your space.

With so many types of gardens out there, it can seem overwhelming to develop your own home garden design plans. We tell our clients to look for inspiration, whether in books, online, or outdoors in every day life for materials and flowers that speak to them. Determine if it is bright colors, deep textures, low maintenance or intricate and ornate gardens that would work best for your vision and your property.

While summer is always a beautiful time for gardens, there are seasonal gardens all year round.

Important Factors to Consider When Developing Garden Design Plans

  • The level of maintenance involved is important to remember as well. A garden is a living, breathing, part of your home that will need the proper water, maintenance and care in order to thrive. The work put into the space will be rewarded.
  • Irrigation is crucial, whether you are installing sprinkler systems, water drips, or will diligently water your own gardens.
  • Soil condition and sun and shade exposure will determine the specimens you can work with, and where they can be placed. Depending on your property and it’s positioning with help you to choose the right plants for your yard.
  • Is there wildlife in your area? Whether you are looking to attract hummingbird or butterflies, or need to choose materials that the deer will not eat.

If you are interested in working with a horticulture expert, or would like to create your own garden design plans with a licensed landscape architect, our team is here to help. Feel free to contact us today to bring your yard to life to enjoy all year long.

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