How Good Landscaping in NJ Homes Adds Value to Properties for Sale

June 16th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

First impressions are very important in real estate, which is why realtors encourage home sellers to work on their property’s landscaping before putting up their homes for sale. According to The Seattle Times contributor Calovich, a porch or lawn isn’t really necessary to wow a prospective buyer. What really matters is a front yard that is well-kept and beautiful to look at:

“That first glance is the most important,” says Realtor Margie Zwiesler of Re/Max Premier. “When I show a house and all the dead leaves are still there in the flower beds, it just gives the impression [the homeowners] don’t care. Overgrown trees and shrubs that cover up the house also need to be pruned to advantage.”

The 2012 Husqvarna Global Garden Report says that 63 percent of all real estate buyers are willing to pay for a property with excellent green spaces. There is actually more to a beautiful landscape than meets the eye. Studies have shown that spending time in a well-maintained garden can reduce stress and lighten mood.

In fact, the Harvard Medical School says that children with ADHD can focus better when they’re in an outdoor environment with trees and flowers. A good landscape design can also help regulate temperature, air pollution, and noise, all of which can contribute to a better living experience. It can lend the perfect backdrop to summer barbecues with friends and families, and relaxing afternoons by the pool.

Thus, home sellers in New Jersey who want to have the advantage over the competition should pay closer attention to the state and appearance of their lawns and gardens. Admittedly, not all homeowners have green thumbs, nor do they have enough landscaping knowhow to decide which trees and flowers to grow in their gardens. Fortunately, New Jersey homeowners can rely on reputable NJ landscaping companies like Scenic Landscaping to design, build, and maintain a garden that can greatly enhance their properties’ curb appeal.

There is another reason why homeowners should tap the professionals in creating a beautiful NJ landscape design. In addition to better curb appeal, the monetary value that a landscape design can add to a property may be influenced by the size, species, and rarity of the planted trees. Trees’ placement can also have a significant impact, and those that are strategically located to enhance the design of the landscape can actually bring in more money for the home seller.

(Source: Tidy landscaping gives a home curb appeal, The Seattle Times, June 6, 2014)


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