How Skilled NJ Landscaping Pros Can Help You Take it Easy For Spring

May 24th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

“The poll found that the most common use of yard space is relaxing, followed by planting and spending time with family.

The survey of 2,800 U.S. adults, conducted on behalf of PLANET, the national trade association of landscape industry professionals, found that over a quarter of people said that they mainly use their backyard to kick back. In terms of landscaping and upkeep, the majority of respondents (42 percent) said that pride in their home was the motivating factor behind maintaining or improving their yard, while 16 percent said that their main reason was to create a relaxing outdoor space.”

With today’s rapid changes in the workplace, it’s not surprising that more people are finding various ways to lighten up and let go of their woes and troubles. It’s nice to have a private sanctuary where you can forget about the world, chill out and simply just be, as knowledgeable NJ landscaping technicians confirm with their years of experience. In light of this, the article further suggests these ideas on how people can achieve a more restful outdoor space in their homes:

Create access to outdoor green spaces.

Spending time with nature can help you unwind and forget most of the stress hounding you. It’s important that you design an outdoor space that relaxes and engages you at the same time, depending on the function of the area. Whether it’s a patio, gazebo, or porch, fill the pathway with a combination of refreshing foliage and hardscape for a sense of life, warmth and wellness.

Invest in sturdy outdoor furniture.

Choose weatherproof outdoor furniture that complements the climate in your area and withstands the elements so you can save more in the long run. You should also consider the furniture’s style and material as it dictates the kind of maintenance and treatment that you should provide for it. Look for comfort, too, and make sure that chairs and tables have the right height and clearance.

Have some privacy.

Ask your local NJ landscape company professionals to put large plants and shady trees, which can provide a protective covering on your property. Low-growing shrubs offer a softscape barrier, while clinging vines create another layer of privacy and insulation against noise pollution. You can also opt to place columnar evergreens as hedgerows to keep wandering eyes off your garden or to install fences to act as visual buffer.

(Source: Most Americans Use Outdoor Spaces For Relaxation, According To PLANET Survey, Huffington Post Home, 8 May 2013)

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