How Top NJ Landscapers Make their Clients’ Lawns Even More Stunning

May 28th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

Of course, landscaping involves more than just laying down turf grass and planting ornamental hedges. Landscape designers in NJ have many ways to make outdoor spaces even more special, such as:


Want to increase your living space without spending a fortune on additional rooms? Then you should consider getting a patio instead. This way, you can utilize your lawn or yard to entertain guests, hold barbecues, have al fresco dinners, and many other enjoyable activities. Landscapers use a variety of elegant materials to create the patio, such as natural stone or clay bricks, and construct it according to the number of people that will use it.


Nothing relaxes a weary soul more than the verdant beauty of a garden. To make outdoor spaces even more soothing though, your landscaper may also add a fountain. After a long, stressful day, the sound of rustling water will certainly help you unwind. As this article from reports, an outdoor fountain offers other benefits, too:

“Fountains can help drown out other noises, such as a nearby street or a neighbor’s conversation. Place the fountain outside a window in your house that you like to keep open, such as your kitchen window, to keep the undesirable noises out and replace them with the peaceful sound of trickling water. This also works well near a patio, where you like to sit with friends. It won’t keep other people from hearing your conversation, but the proximity of the water can block out other noises.”

Exotic Plants and Trees

Plants like azaleas, hydrangeas, red oak and beech are standard fare when it comes to landscaping. If you want something more unique for your lawn, companies like Scenic Landscaping have a private nursery and tree farm that features hundreds of exotic perennials, ornamental shrubs, groundcovers and accent specimens. Since the facility is open only to customers, the trees and plant it offers will truly make your lawn a one-of-a-kind creation.

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