luxury landscape design

Luxury Landscape Design

August 14th, 2017 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

On the East Coast, with ever changing landscapes, summer always finds ways to steal the show. This time of year properties are in full swing with bursts of colors and textures. Flowers and trees are blooming everywhere you look, attracting wildlife, inspiring photographs. Summertime also means outdoor living. Families are spending time outdoors enjoying their homes and the scenery around them.

Taking pride in your landscape, and enjoying your backyard space is an art form. It becomes an extension of your home. Some people prefer the DIY approach. Others, look to professionals and contractors for help. For many homeowners a luxury landscape design is important. It is an investment that improves property value. It is also an investment that improves aesthetic and lifestyle.

The Value a Luxury Landscape Design Brings

Swimming pools, patios and outdoor kitchens are always the first thing that comes to mind with outdoor living. However, a well maintained landscape is another element that enhances any property. From planters, to planting beds, garden spaces to pristine grass, these additions create added value and appeal to the home. In parts of the Northeast, homeowners and business owners alike, incorporating a luxury landscape design is not only a priority, but also becomes a hobby.

Many of our clients look to us for help in creating a landscape design that complements their home, as well as reflects their personal taste. Landscape is completely personal and entirely customizable. While some conditions may cause restrictions, such as soil, sun and shade exposure, wildlife, and drainage on the property, there are still countless ways to design any space. Working with a landscape designer helps to make these decisions simpler. It also helps to ensure money is not wasted on specimens that are not right for the land.

A luxury landscape design is a well-thought out plan, while being properly executed and maintained. It should last through every season, creating new elements of interest. A true landscape will continue to grow and change, becoming more and more beautiful and intricate with every passing year. Choosing the proper landscape materials, and working with a skilled team will help to achieve a thorough and thriving landscape. There is the added value of curb appeal and property worth that comes from investing in landscaping. There are many different styles to choose from, whether a modern design, natural landscape, zen gardens, or simplistic landscape is your preference.

Our team of professionals are always available to help. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing property or create an entire new landscape design, we can bring a luxury landscape design to your home to enjoy all year long.



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