New Jersey Garden Enhancement

June 7th, 2013 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

Scenic Landscaping got its start over 37 years ago as a garden maintenance company, and despite all the emphasis we place today on design and installation, we have not forgotten our roots. Aftercare and maintenance of your installation is our highest priority. Your landscape is a sizeable investment and as long as it’s in prime shape, it enhances the value of your home. What good is your investment if your valuable plantings go without care?

We employ several full-time New Jersey garden enhancement crews whose job it is to care for your valuable installation during every season of the year. While keeping your landscape in the utmost condition, they also ensure that you have maximum color and visual interest during each season. Here is a sample of what you can expect them to do during each season:

-Spring: Service to perennials and Winter damaged shrubs, address drainage issues, soil remediation, perennial splitting, fertilization, transplanting, mulching, and small plantings of annuals, perennials, and shrubs.
-Summer: Watering, pruning, integrate pest management programs, summer rotations of plantings in pots and gardens.
-Fall: Closeout and winterization and review ideas for the next growing season.
-Winter: Pruning of Ornamentals and continuation of winterization.

Please note that the above is only a sample. We can develop a program specific to your property and budget.

Lawn maintenance is one of the most important aspects of keeping your New Jersey property looking nice. With a garden enhancement package, your lawn area is continually maintained throughout the year with chemical treatments, custom fertilizers, and other applications. In addition, hard surfaces are edged, blown off, and debris is removed to ensure that your landscape continues to always look spectacular.


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