NJ Landscape Companies Can Help Homes Experience Green Space Boost

September 24th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

Explaining what the data revealed, [Dr. Mathew White] said: “What you see is that even after three years, mental health is still better which is unlike many of the other things that we think will make us happy.”

Dr. White added that the team had submitted an application for funding to carry out further research that would examine marital relationships in different areas and to what extent things like divorce rates and satisfaction levels differed.

“There is evidence that people within an area with green spaces are less stressed and when you are less stressed you make more sensible decisions and you communicate better,” he observed.

Another study published at the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s website supports these findings, stating that people who live in urban areas that have more green spaces experienced less mental distress and reported better well-being. This information gives credence to the idea that having natural surroundings can improve overall life satisfaction in comparison to those who are not exposed to such settings.

Indeed, years of studies and research all over the world support the notion that being close to nature has positive effects on various aspects of human life such as physical health, emotional stability, and mental well-being. In urban locations such as New Jersey, nature can come in the form of garden landscapes right in one’s own backyard. Working with an NJ landscape company to create the green setting that will improve one’s home and well-being is an investment that will prove its worth in the years to come.

For those who are interested in experiencing all of the positive effects of natural environments such as garden landscapes in their homes, contacting an NJ landscape specialist is the first step to making it happen. The assistance of New Jersey-based companies that have real passion and heart for the art of landscaping, such as Scenic Landscaping LLC, will be invaluable in helping homeowners create a true oasis within their own backyards.

(Source: Green spaces have lasting positive effect on well-being, BBC)

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