NJ Landscape Design Patterns Produce Unrivalled Rhythm and Beauty

August 2nd, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

In landscaping, as in most other creative endeavors, it is important to design around this pattern-recognizing nature of the brain. Plants and furniture have to be arranged in a sequence that sets a balance among convenience, aesthetics, and plant growth cycles. It is every landscaping designer’s ultimate goal to keep these elements working harmoniously to create a pleasant experience for the viewer.

In her article for, outdoor living expert Debra Prinzing provides some landscape design tips that highlight patterns and rhythms. Prinzing’s focus is on plant arrangement, and furniture and pavement installation, that would create a certain pattern. She writes:

“In the 1977 book A Pattern Language, authors Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa, Murray Silverstein and others describe more than 250 “patterns” as solutions to design problems. The patterns follow design principles but are also deeply rooted in nature and human history, which is why they resonate with us.

Pattern number 247, “paving with cracks between the stones” addresses the good feeling of walking from stone to stone. Here is a modern interpretation using precast square and rectangular stepping stones in a gravel garden. I love the rhythm it creates.”

Establishing a pattern in landscape design in New Jersey and elsewhere admittedly does not come easy. Many different factors have to be considered, including the types of plant that can thrive in New Jersey’s climate, the compactness and wetness of the soil, and the availability of sunlight.

For instance, the best plants to grow for a summer NJ landscape are the toughest annuals, such as yellow daylilies and roses, against a backdrop of finely textured grasses. The rest of the design should blend with these blooms.

Water features and light-shaded furniture can also add to a summer garden’s freshness; and some of the best pieces aren’t available anywhere except from landscaping companies like Scenic Landscaping LLC. These professionals scour the entire country for the finest plants and materials that can transform a plain looking yard into a breathtaking NJ landscape.

The designers and horticulture experts in these companies all work together to come up with a beautifully patterned garden or yard that will suit homeowners’ individual preferences.

(Source: Teach Your Landscape Rhythm,


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