NJ Landscaping Company: Choosing Native Flora for Sustainable Gardens

July 29th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

To reflect this, the Seneca Nation of Indians’ (SNI) office at the Cattaraugus Reservation has recently implemented a native-only policy in landscaping options. This means that public buildings in Seneca reservations will only feature plants indigenous to the place, including balsam firs, white ash trees, and cinnamon ferns. In addition to preserving Native American culture, one other purpose for such a move is to promote a healthy diet of local nuts and vegetables.

Sustainable Landscaping

It is not only the Native Americans who are espousing the use of native plants in landscaping. Many horticulture and landscaping experts also encourage the practice as part of “sustainable landscaping”. As horticulturist Kim Eierman explains in an article that appeared on, plants from far-flung areas may not thrive well away from their native environment, resulting in landscaping failure.

“For example, “Buying red maples that were grown in Southeastern clay and then trying to plant them in thin, shallow soil in the Northeast could result in complete failure,” Eierman points out.”

Native to New Jersey

To identify native plants, Eierman mentions two conditions: first, a plant variety must have existed in the area prior to the Colonial Age; and second, its natural habitat must be within 100 miles of the spot where it is to be planted.

An established and reputable NJ landscaping company like Scenic Landscaping can help residents in identifying North American Native species appropriate for their locations. Homeowners may even have the option of selecting the right variety from the landscapers’ very own nursery.

However, the choice of tree and plant varieties to be included in one’s backyard or garden remains a personal choice. While the use of native plants have many benefits, it may not work as well as it should with a homeowner’s preferences, or the architecture of a home.

A seasoned NJ landscaping company will guide its clients in choosing the plant species that will not only work well aesthetically with a property, but will also be well-suited to their environment. Landscaping experts will also know the kind of care needed for a plant variety to thrive and flourish where it has taken root.

(Source: How To Gain a Competitive Edge with Native Trees, Green Industry Pros, July 8, 2014)

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