NJ Landscaping Experts Will Help Make Your Garden Worthy of a Party

July 30th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

With clear skies still lingering, the time couldn’t be any more right for an outdoor gathering. Gardening expert and author Melinda Myers offers tips on how to spruce up your back or front yard for the occasion in an article for However, nothing can be more satisfying than a garden that’s party-ready all year round, and here are some tips that you may want to explore with noted NJ landscaping services like Scenic Landscaping LLC.

Anticipate Nature’s Moves

Perhaps the most worrisome issue with sprucing up your yard is the timing of the peak bloom. The time for flowers to open up may come too early or too late for your party, and scheduling to anticipate this may be next to impossible.

To ensure you have blooms year round, plant some annuals in your garden. Summer annuals, for example, germinate by spring and wither by winter, which means they’re likely to grace your garden in the summer when an outdoor party is most ideal. Biennials and perennials often take longer to bloom.

Anticipate Mosquitoes

Dengue may not be as prevalent in the U.S. as in the tropics, but the bites of mosquitoes alone are enough to annoy your guests. Mosquitoes can be deterred by playing on their sense of smell, which they rely on in seeking their targets.

There are various ways to do this. First, go for plants that emit strong odors like lemon balms and citronella; if you want something with color, consider marigolds. Another way is to have plants that attract insect-eating birds like the gray catbird and yellow-headed blackbird. Fruit-bearing trees are good choices because they provide birds with both food and shelter.

If you have a pet cat, or neighboring cats, or stray cats that could come and mess up your garden, avoid catnip. It may repel mosquitoes but not felines.

Redesign the Garden

Does your yard often play host to puddles as far as the eye can see? Are there hidden pits and potholes that can cause injury? Your garden may need a major makeover to make it not only beautiful but safe. Contact landscaping services like Scenic Landscaping to spruce up your garden, and update your NJ landscape design.

(Source: Garden-tainment Creates Lasting Memories for Guests, The Alternative Press, July 3, 2014)


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