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Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Fall Season

September 29th, 2018 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

As we enter early fall, homeowners are changing the time they spend outdoors. Instead of summer days at the pool, it is cooler evening spent by a fire. This is the season of outdoor fireplace designs. It is the perfect transition piece for an outdoor living space. It provides warmth as the evening continue to get cooler. It gives a focal point in the backyard. And it works as the centerpiece that gathers friends and family together.

And outdoor patio fireplace provides a great seating area. It creates a living room to be enjoyed in the outdoors. With larger built in fireplaces, the option to mount an outdoor TV on top is a popular one. Bringing football season outside, in front of the fire, is the ultimate outdoor entertainment space.

Outdoor Fireplace Designs: Factors to Consider in Planning

When it comes to choosing the outdoor fireplace designs best for you, there are few important factors to consider.

  • Budget: Monetarily, consider your budget. If the budget allows for a custom built fireplace, this is a great place to start. When working with a smaller budget, fire pits are another route to take.
  • Material : Depending on the style you wish to achieve, there are many material to choose from. From brick, to stone, to marble, outdoor fireplace designs are able to be customized to best suit your style preference.
  • Fire Source: Determine what would work best for your design, whether a gas line is needed, or it will be a wood burning fireplace.
  • Design: Matching the aesthetic of your home is what most designers will recommend. Adding a large fireplace on the property should be positioned so that is fits naturally into its surrounding landscape and patio. Rather than appear obtrusive or out of place.
  • DIY: Some homeowners are more inclined to create their own fire pit, using stones, rock, and collecting wood to make their own cool fire pits or fire ring ideas.

Fall Season – From Fire Pits to Fall To Do Lists for Your Yard

Fall is the perfect season for enjoying time outside, in the last few weeks of cool refreshing temperatures. Throughout the New Jersey area, the trend of outdoor living is becoming more and more prominent. Outdoor fireplace designs and fire pits, barbeques and bar areas are ideal to be enjoyed during this season. With the addition of outdoor televisions, football season can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own yard. While the season changing is always a beautiful time to admire, there is also a lot of work to be done to prepare for the cold weather to come.

Fall is a great time to clean up your yard and map out your plans. Now is a good time to start cleaning out and cutting back old perennials, cutting back plant material to help beautify your gardens and planning ahead for the spring season. A common mistake homeowners make is waiting for the beautiful weather to make changes to their gardens.  Use your fall and winter months wisely. Spend this time of year planning and using the downtime to plan ahead. Mapping out your yard now will allow you to enjoy your yard to its fullest in the warmer months to come.

If you are interested in a new fall project, outdoor fireplace designs, or are looking to begin 2019 construction, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to bringing your backyard space to life.

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