Preparing Gardens for Springtime

March 9th, 2017 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

As the last of the cold weather and snow fades away, we are seeing the first pops of color breaking their way through the landscapes. Spring is the time of year that we get to work with a clean slate and bring our gardens to life.

A common mistake by many is waiting for the warmer months to begin to tend to their yard. March is the perfect month start preparing gardens for springtime and create your game plan for the season. Plan now, enjoy later. That way, when the warm, beautiful days arrive, you will be able to enjoy your yard to its fullest.

Your garden and landscapes are an investment. After spending the time, money, and resources to design and install them, you will need to make sure they are properly taken care of. By using an aftercare program, you are guaranteeing that your gardens will continue to grow and thrive through every season. Without proper maintenance, a landscape will lose its value over time.

Tips for Preparing Gardens for Springtime:

  • General cleaning of gardens and planting beds
  • Laying down a good spring fertilizer to help wake things up
  • Corrective and Selective Pruning of perennials, shrubs and evergreens
  • Cut back any old growth before new growth emerges
  • Spot Seeding Turf Areas
  • Redefine Planting Beds
  • Cultivation and Weeding of Planting Beds
  • Add urns, planters, and fountains to enhance your gardens

If a green thumb is not something that comes naturally to you, or it is something you simply do not have the time for, there are services to hire that can help. Our team provides Custom Garden Service and Enhancement Division that will care for your flowers, plants, shrubs and gardens with the expertise and dedication required to preserve your landscape design. Our services can be customized to best fit your needs and catered to enhancing, maintaining, preserving, and perfecting your garden all year long.

Our award winnings crews are highly trained and dedicated to their craft. We also provide an extensive catalog of urns, planters, and fountains to match your home and garden. These are easy additions to enhance the natural landscape all year long.

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