Summer Landscaping in NJ

June 21st, 2013 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

Now that summer has officially arrived, landscapes are coming to life across New Jersey. Blooming may have started late this season, but Mother Nature always catches up. You will see the azaleas blooming with flowering trees, viburnum blooming with spring perennials, and lots of overlapping due to weather and soil temperate. Soil temperature determines a lot with the timing of when your annuals will bloom.

Peonies are finishing blooming this month, while the roses are kicking in. The knockout rose and the ever-blooming snowflake viburnums will be in bloom this month. Hydrangeas should set into full bloom, as well as irises. As the month progresses many summer perennials will bloom, such as day liliies, daisies, and coreopsis. What a great month for your annuals to explode and burst into color! There is finally sunshine and warm air temperatures, this is prime time for your garden to be in full gear.

Unfortunately, all these beautiful flowers blooming will attract more bugs this month. The saw fly will hit all the pines, aphids are attracted to the roses, you will also start to see leaf rollers and birch leafminer. Without an IPM Program (Integrated Pest Maintenance) it can be difficult to control these pests.

Pests will definitely be an issue this month, so be sure to keep an eye on your garden, As quickly as the flowers multiply, the pests will as well. We would recommend that you consider a spraying program that provides monthly checkups and will only spray when necessary. As much as we love the flowers, the pests do too.

And remember, summer is still a great time to be planting. Soil is always cooler than the air temperature so don’t be fooled that once summer arrives you can no longer plant. Watering is crucial come summertime, so make sure your sprinkler clocks are set to ON. Due to the chilly and rainy spring we had, many of your clocks are currently set to OFF. Sprinkler clocks should be set to every other day watering, which is normal watering. Watering twice a week is not enough right now, especially when the heat is progressing.

Enjoy this beautiful summer weather & the stunning displays of mother nature all season long.

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