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Winter Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

December 1st, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

As the last of the leaves are falling off the trees, and the temperatures are steadily dropping, you will notice surrounding landscapes becoming scarce. For the next few weeks, your property will naturally transition into a blank slate with lack of colors. However, this time of year is always a cheerful time with the holidays approaching. The lack of color does not seem to go with the cheer of the festivities. Which is why homeowners across the east coast are always looking for ways to spruce up their homes this time of year.

If you are looking for some winter landscaping ideas for your home this season, there are many creative and enjoyable ways to enhance your property. Depending on your free time, budget available and green thumb, there is a solution that will work best for you.

  • Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Areas

What better way to add literal warmth to your backyard? Creating a custom fireplace is a fixture for your backyard that can be enjoyed all year long. Designing an outdoor living space adds tremendous space and value to your home and lifestyle. If a fireplace is not in the budget right now, a smaller fire pit area is easy to accommodate. There are a variety of fire pit fixtures to buy, or custom ones to build that can suit your space and aesthetic. Having a spot outdoors to gather with friends and family, with s’mores around a fire, is an easy way to add new winter landscaping ideas and memories to your home.

winter landscaping fireplace idea

  • Seasonal Planters and Wreaths

Planters are an easy way to add color to your front entrance, piers, and places throughout your property. With endless shapes, sizes and colors available it is a great way to enhance any area. By planting hollies, greens and other winter varietals into the pots, it becomes an easy way to add container gardens to your property through the winter season. Depending on your preference, they can be designed to be more holiday festive or neutral winter seasonal. Wreaths give a warm welcome to your front entrance. Either buying, making, or ordering a custom wreath is another easy way to add color and texture to your home during the winter months.

winter landscaping seasonal planters

  • Colorful Fixtures and Decor 

Painting a gate, window shutters, or railings are another easy way to add color to your home. While not necessarily winter landscaping ideas, it does enhance your home’s winter presence and property. Often times, hardscape features are used to complement the landscape and gardens surrounding it, and can look beautiful through every season. For homeowners who don’t want to change a structure to that extent, another easy idea is adding coloful furniture or sculptures and outdoor artwork. Adding these pieces anywhere from patios to planting beds and garden areas quickly brightens up the landscape. Larger, bold structures will add a pop of color and interest and will stand out even in the snowy months.

colorful outdoor structures

  • Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides ambiance and safety to your home and property all year long. During the winter months, it is added warmth. For winter landscaping ideas many homeowners will add additional up lighting to trees and walkways to the entry of their home. For homeowners who do not want to invest in year round lighting, adding holiday lights and festive displays are simple way to brighten and cheer up appearance and add curb appeal instantly.

outdoor lighting design


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