Winter Landscaping to Prepare for Springtime

January 15th, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

While this season seems to slow down this time of year, there are many things to do to your property during the winter to ensure it is ready for a new spring season. Winter landscaping is a crucial time for cleanup. There is maintenance involved throughout your property that can be done to your home now in order to help you fully appreciate your landscape and allow it to reach its full potential come springtime.

Winter is the season that reveals to you the true form of the landscape of your yard. Now that all the leaves are down you are able to see the real structure of your surroundings, as well as the hidden debris/trouble of dead trees, downed branches, garbage and wreckage normally hidden in the growing season. Winter landscaping also reveals the actual form of the plants on your property, allowing your landscape professionals to correct any crossing or overlapping branches that are visible and to create a plan to take effect by spring.

This month is also the ideal time to start planning or correcting your existing evergreen screening. This is the optimal time to prune back your evergreens as well as any shrubs that do not bloom in the spring, correct their form and make plans to plant any additional new ones. We are able to view obstructions that are only visible during these winter months. There is no better time for select winter pruning and winter landscaping your yard cleaning than now.

Winter Landscaping is the perfect way to start planning for the new 2016 spring season

By planning and scheduling this work now, you will be making beneficial changes to your landscape. Planning for a full cleanup will allow you to be able to enjoy the yard once spring arrives. Specimens will be in bloom, color will start showing up across your yard and you will be able to take in the early warm weather with a lush, rich and healthy landscape.

The winter season allows us to offer you our reduced winter season rates and the ability to schedule the work before the craze of the spring time season. We are here to help you understand your property and the benefits of winter landscaping and maintenance during this season. Feel free to contact us to learn more about getting your property ready for the spring season.

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