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Custom Outdoor Bar Design Ideas and Tips

June 27th, 2019 | By: Heather Knapp | Blog

With summer in full swing and 4th of July around the corner, homeowners are spending more time outdoors. Right now, our team is busy installing and maintaining outdoor living spaces. A popular feature that many gravitate towards is a custom outdoor bar design. Nothing says hosting a party or enjoying your outdoor meals, with your own bar area right there. It becomes a great feature for guests and family to use together in any season. It is soon to be your favorite feature to use in BBQ summer season.

When we meet with homeowners to help develop a new outdoor space, it is helpful to learn about their goals and lifestyle. For many, the ability to host outdoors is a main goal. Providing a space with ample seating and dining options, pairs well with kitchens and bars. Creating a new outdoor room becomes an extension of the home, the same as investing in an addition to create new space and memories.

Custom Outdoor Bar Designs: Factors to Consider

  • Budget you wish to spend on this custom piece
  • Size of bar depending on space allowed and needs
  • Additional features such as fridge, shelving, beer taps
  • Materials Used such as stone, brick, marble wood, stainless steel appliances
  • Style to match home, such as a modern outdoor bar or a rustic one
  • Amenities to include to create a more luxury modern bar, such as bar seating and outdoor televisions

This is an idea of the checklist of features we go over when creating and customizing a new outdoor bar design with a client. Given the amount of features and materials, the ways to customize are endless. We encourage this process to be fun, every selection a representation of your own unique traits. From the stones you choose, to the colors. From the style and shape, to the chairs and appliances. Every design element can be a reflection of yourself. Our designers and architets are available to help assist in the process, and can suggest the elements they believe work best for your custom outdoor bar design. But we encourage you to stay involved and active in the process, letting the final outcome be a rewarding group effort.

An outdoor bar provides a new atmosphere to the backyard. A new fixture in the property used to gather and bring people together. We have designed bar area that have beers taps, as well as wine fridges. There are custom ice features, shelving areas, counter space and bar stools. There are many ways to bring an elevated and functional outdoor bar design to life. Depending on budget and size restraints, the new bar can be created to best suit your lifestyle and needs.

If you are interested in learning about our process or want to meet with someone to create your own outdoor bar design, we are here and ready to help. Get the most out of your months spent outdoors and create a space to enjoy for years to come. Contact us today, we look forward to customizing a new room for you and your loved ones.


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