Best Perennials to Plant in the Fall

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As a general rule of thumb in our industry, fall is for planting. When it comes to the best perennials to plant in the fall, it is important to plant now, before the ground freezes, to make way for springtime blooming. Perennial bulbs must be planted in the fall season, before the ground begins to freeze. Daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, and tulips will all bloom in the springtime; giving you that early color display we always long for once winter passes.

Perennial flowers are those that continue to grow year after year, and will remain dormant during the winter months. Where as annuals are typically planted in the spring and summer months, and will bloom for the season before dying off. Gardeners often supplant perennial gardens with lively, colorful annuals to enhance the gardens and planting beds. Typically, you will notice a mixture of both to create interesting, textured spaces.

NJ Fall Flowering and Blooming Perennials

In this area of the east coast. Asters, Mums (also in the annual family), heuchera/coral bells, some varieties of grasses (this is not a flowering plant but can be used for ornamental color) are great to plant during the fall season. Bulbs would consist of daffodils, alliums, muscari, and many more to choose from that adds color and fragrance to your garden as soon as spring arrives.

Is Fall a Good Time to Plant Perennials?

Perennials are at risk of dying from early frosts if planted late in the fall.  As the weather begins to cool it is best to plant larger trees and shrubs so they can begin to establish for the upcoming spring. When designing an outdoor garden, or outdoor living space, it is important to keep in mind where the planting beds will be. Keep in mind there is a need for proper irrigation even through the fall months, shade and sun exposure, and winter garden closures. This proper maintenance and planning will ensure successful fall perennials as well as plant materials and bulbs all year round.

What to Plant in the Fall for Spring

Bulbs are planted late in the fall and will bloom in the early to late spring months.  This includes daffodils, alliums, muscari, hyacinth. While we do service our clients for these in the fall, ensuring to plant them before the ground freezes, homeowner will not be able to tell for month. Once the winter passes and spring arrives, the bulbs will start to pop up from the ground and add long awaited color. In this industry, it is important to continue to plan ahead each season.

If you are interested in enhancing you fall garden property, or would like to learn more about the best perennials to plant in fall, our horticultural specialists are available to help. Feel free to contact us today. This is a great time of year to plan for the following year ahead, use these cooler months to enhance your yard with fall flowering perennials, and plan ahead for the bulbs you would love to see appear in the spring.


custom outdoor bar design

Custom Outdoor Bar Design Ideas and Tips

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With summer in full swing and 4th of July around the corner, homeowners are spending more time outdoors. Right now, our team is busy installing and maintaining outdoor living spaces. A popular feature that many gravitate towards is a custom outdoor bar design. Nothing says hosting a party or enjoying your outdoor meals, with your own bar area right there. It becomes a great feature for guests and family to use together in any season. It is soon to be your favorite feature to use in BBQ summer season.

When we meet with homeowners to help develop a new outdoor space, it is helpful to learn about their goals and lifestyle. For many, the ability to host outdoors is a main goal. Providing a space with ample seating and dining options, pairs well with kitchens and bars. Creating a new outdoor room becomes an extension of the home, the same as investing in an addition to create new space and memories.

Custom Outdoor Bar Designs: Factors to Consider

  • Budget you wish to spend on this custom piece
  • Size of bar depending on space allowed and needs
  • Additional features such as fridge, shelving, beer taps
  • Materials Used such as stone, brick, marble wood, stainless steel appliances
  • Style to match home, such as a modern outdoor bar or a rustic one
  • Amenities to include to create a more luxury modern bar, such as bar seating and outdoor televisions

This is an idea of the checklist of features we go over when creating and customizing a new outdoor bar design with a client. Given the amount of features and materials, the ways to customize are endless. We encourage this process to be fun, every selection a representation of your own unique traits. From the stones you choose, to the colors. From the style and shape, to the chairs and appliances. Every design element can be a reflection of yourself. Our designers and architets are available to help assist in the process, and can suggest the elements they believe work best for your custom outdoor bar design. But we encourage you to stay involved and active in the process, letting the final outcome be a rewarding group effort.

An outdoor bar provides a new atmosphere to the backyard. A new fixture in the property used to gather and bring people together. We have designed bar area that have beers taps, as well as wine fridges. There are custom ice features, shelving areas, counter space and bar stools. There are many ways to bring an elevated and functional outdoor bar design to life. Depending on budget and size restraints, the new bar can be created to best suit your lifestyle and needs.

If you are interested in learning about our process or want to meet with someone to create your own outdoor bar design, we are here and ready to help. Get the most out of your months spent outdoors and create a space to enjoy for years to come. Contact us today, we look forward to customizing a new room for you and your loved ones.


Boxwood Blight and How It May Affect Your Property

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Boxwood Blight

Scenic would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed with a nationwide epidemic that may be affecting your property.

Across the United States, blight has been spreading quickly and killing boxwoods. Blight is a natural occurring, incurable fungal disease that affects boxwoods; both the plant and the surrounding soil. It became more prevalent in the past year due to extreme weather conditions. With the warm, wet and humid weather we had in 2018, we have been seeing cases of blight spreading throughout the tri-state area. Keep an eye out on your property for any signs of boxwood blight.

Scenic is staying proactive to make sure our clients are informed and aware. We are working with industry specialists to develop a fungal spray program that will help manage the blight.

In the meantime, we have solutions and alternatives available for damaged boxwoods.

While it is not harmful to humans or pets, please do not touch. It is possible for it to spread to other boxwoods on your property.

If you would like to read more, click here.

What to look for:

  • Browned out dead spots on boxwood
  • Black striation on stems of plant near the base
  • Defoliation – loss of leaves and color

boxwood blight

If you do see blight on your boxwoods, please get in contact with us. 973-616-9600.
spring garden landscape

Spring Garden Landscape

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With about a month to go until the official start of spring, we are slowly seeing signs of winter ending. It is staying light out longer in the evenings, the soil in the ground is starting to warm up, buds are getting ready to bloom and before long, we will be seeing spring garden landscape come to life.

While winter is thawing and spring is showing promising signs of arriving early, this is a good time to plan ahead for your spring garden landscape. Winter shows the true backbone of your property. It allows you to see the outline of your space and gives you a clean slate. When looking at the bare landscape of your yard, you can envision the spaces you want to create and the areas you would like to fill. It is a good time to plan your spring garden landscape design. Take this time to plan for changes you would like to see come to life this year. It is a good time to develop your new year and spring cleaning projects. Working with a designer or landscape architect helps maximize the use of your property and budget. It helps to make sure you get the most out of your time, energy and money. Working with a professional and planning ahead help to maximize your chances for success.

Planning For A Spring Garden Landscape Design

When it comes to spring garden landscaping, there are many factors to consider. Planning ahead is key. Spring bulbs should be planted in the Fall season beforehand, before the ground freezes. That way, once winter passes, your spring flowers will begin to bloom, bringing bursts of color into your yard. Choosing a color scheme to stick to beforehand is a good place to start. Choosing flowers, plant materials and specimens for certain parts of your property takes proper planning. As well as a well rounded base of knowledge for which plants will thrive in certain conditions. Observe the light and shadows that hit your property. Observe the water and conditions that surround your planting areas. To ensure a thriving and healthy garden, it starts with planning the proper areas and providing the best conditions.

They say without winter, spring would not be so pleasant. Winter is a reminder every year of all the good that is to come. It is the power and resilience of mother nature. The patience of waiting and trusting that the spring garden landscape will return. It is a good mantra to keep in mind to make it through these last few lingering weeks of winter.

If you are looking to make changes to your spring garden landscape this year, or would like help by hiring a professional, we are here for you. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation today. Our team of designers and landscape architects are able to bring new garden spaces and outdoor living rooms to your property this year. Make this the year you transform your property into your dream spring garden landscaping oasis.

outdoor summer

Outdoor Summer

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In the month of August, we are soaking up the last few weeks of summer. It has been a wild month with weather. There have been heat waves, heavy rains and summer storms. There have been floods. It has not been the easiest month for our industry, with storms causing damages and flooding on so many properties. While it seems like we are finally having some sunshine to enjoy, nature is always unpredictable. Ongoing maintenance is needed to keep properties thriving in this wild outdoor summer season.

This is the last month of summer fun, before school is back in session. When the days last longer, sunlight stays later, and time spent outdoors is plentiful. This month we are seeing bursts of blooms in summer landscapes, bright colors and tropical hues in gardens large and small. Lawns are lush and deep green from rain, hydrangeas are finally emerging, and wildlife is enjoying the outdoor summer season as well. Slowly we will begin to see the changes into fall season, later this month and early into September. As the light changes, soil cools down and temperatures decrease.

In this last month of summer, we encourage our clients to take a look at their outdoor space. Were there changes you would like to see? What would make your outdoor space more enjoyable for the next outdoor summer season? Are there things you would like to eliminate or add to the yard? Imagine ways that you could better enjoy your outdoor summer space. The addition of a pool, a fire pit, a new garden, removing wasteful materials or damaged trees, clearing out new space, revamping patios, the ideas are endless. We are here to help with new ideas or to design a space better suited for your needs.

Your property is an investment, and putting the time and proper design into the space enhances both your lifestyle and your investment.

Outdoor Summer Decorating Ideas

With homeowners wanting to spend their free time outdoors, creating the perfect space is important. The space should be inviting, and provide an extension of indoor living. It should be a space that works for each individual’s lifestyle. Adding colorful cushions or outdoor furniture brightens up the space seasonally.

When it comes to outdoor summer plants, choose specimens that thrive in heat. Such as succulents, tropicals, coneflowers, zinnias, verbenas and lantana. Summer is a fun time of year to play with colors and tropical flowers, especially on the east coast it becomes such a treat to see the exciting plant life and florals in bloom. Summer container gardens are another great way to add color and vibrant outdoor summer plants to a property.

If you are looking for ways to redesign or revamp your outdoor summer space, or are looking to start a new project this fall, we are here to help. Our talented team of designers and architects would happily come meet for a complimentary consultation at your property. We look forward to bringing a new space to life for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

spring backyard

Spring Backyard – Advice and Inspiration for Homeowners

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Whether it may feel like it or not, March 1st is awakening your spring backyard back to life.  As outside temperatures are slowly rising, the soil temperature is increasing, plants become active, days become longer and the first of the minor bulbs start to bloom. You may have even noticed some bulbs blooming with the snow still on the ground. March is the kickoff month; it is exciting to watch the transition of Mother Nature, as the beautiful first signs of spring start to finally appear.

As the month of March progresses, you will notice some of the first plants and bulbs begin to bloom. Witch Hazel, Snowdrops, Crocus and early Daffodils will start showing up early on in the month. Given the change of time from daylights savings, we begin to have longer days and more hours of sunlight, which help assist in the blooming process and help us to gradually make our transition out of the winter.

A common mistake many homeowners make is waiting for the warmer months to begin to want to make any changes to their spring backyard. March is the time to create your game plan for the season and begin backyard spring cleanup. Setting up your gardens, pruning and cutting back trees, laying down fertilizer and splitting early perennials should all be items that are taken care of early on. Use March to get ahead of the season, so when the warm beautiful days arrive, you will be able to enjoy your yard to its fullest. Consult with a landscape professional for a plan that would work best for you and your home this spring season.

Things to Do for Your Spring Backyard

As you stop by your local hardware and garden centers signs of spring backyard cleaning will soon be showing.  A great way to add an early spring backyard revamp is with early season perennials, annuals and forced bulbs.  Arranging them into planters carefully selected and placed in key focal areas of your garden are a great way to get an early start on the season and add interest to areas currently still stuck in winter mode.

While springtime is often associated with removing the clutter that has accumulated within your home, one should take advantage of the end of the dormant season and get outside as well.  Save the inside for a rainy day! Rake out the thatch from your lawn, redefine those bed edges, and clean up the broken winter damage from plants.  The early spring is the time to start pruning all of your ornamentals, shade trees and woody plants. Winter often causes damage to your yard and now is the time to start accessing the damage and instituting a plan for what needs to be done. Take the time to properly spring backyard cleanup. It is also a fantastic time to split perennials. With a little extra labor, one plant can be split into four, helping to make your landscape lusher and healthier.

Plants and trees right now do not require much water. With the cool evenings and abundant ground moisture, little additional water is necessary, making it an ideal time for planting, fertilizing and over-seeding those bare patches on your lawn. Now is the time to kick start your plants. You do not want to miss the window of opportunity that early spring moisture provides to help your yard to benefit in the months to come. For further assistance or a complimentary consultation, feel free to contact us. We want to help bring your backyard to its fullest potential.