Important Factors to Consider in Building a Lovely Swimming Pool in NJ

May 26th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

“The answer is neither simple nor straightforward. Truthfully, investing in a pool can benefit one homeowner while not adding an ounce of value to the next.”

Numerous websites promulgate the notion that swimming pools don’t add value to a home. However, each swimming pool is dependent on different circumstances and owner preference, so it’s really a subjective matter. For those who want to go ahead and build their own pool in NJ, BHG further shares some important factors to mull over:


Homeowners who want to install a swimming pool should check if their property has enough space to accommodate one, and if the topography allows for good drainage. If there is enough for both, pool construction specialists suggest having a pool that doesn’t take up the entire yard to leave some room for a lawn or patio.


Is the pool going to be used for swimming laps or for lounging around when the heat is too much? The primary purpose of a swimming pool determines the size, shape, and the facilities that come with it. A swimming lane is beneficial for laps, while shallow and deep ends make it easier to enter the pool, and a spa is great for whiling the hours away.


Attractive pools are usually integrated into the landscape and complement a home’s unique style and materials. Natural pools fitted with waterfalls and rock clusters work well with modern houses, while rectangular or oval-shaped pools look better with classic traditional brick and stone houses. It’s best to seek help from NJ pool construction experts, like those from Scenic Landscaping, who can design the entire space and incorporate it with the property.


The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals lists that an average in-ground pool costs around $33,000, though it still depends on pool features and location. Disappearing edges, beach entries, and water fountains are only some of the elements that can raise one’s budget. Homeowners should spend on top quality finishes equipment to save on costs in the long run.


Swimming pools need regular care and attention, and homeowners can count on competent pool specialists to maintain their precious pools. Pool professionals can inspect and clean it, as well as replaster and seal it regularly as needed.

(Source: Swimming Pools – Added Value Or Limited Appeal?, Better Homes and Gardens)

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