outdoor summer

Outdoor Summer

August 15th, 2018 | By: Heather Knapp | Blog

In the month of August, we are soaking up the last few weeks of summer. It has been a wild month with weather. There have been heat waves, heavy rains and summer storms. There have been floods. It has not been the easiest month for our industry, with storms causing damages and flooding on so many properties. While it seems like we are finally having some sunshine to enjoy, nature is always unpredictable. Ongoing maintenance is needed to keep properties thriving in this wild outdoor summer season.

This is the last month of summer fun, before school is back in session. When the days last longer, sunlight stays later, and time spent outdoors is plentiful. This month we are seeing bursts of blooms in summer landscapes, bright colors and tropical hues in gardens large and small. Lawns are lush and deep green from rain, hydrangeas are finally emerging, and wildlife is enjoying the outdoor summer season as well. Slowly we will begin to see the changes into fall season, later this month and early into September. As the light changes, soil cools down and temperatures decrease.

In this last month of summer, we encourage our clients to take a look at their outdoor space. Were there changes you would like to see? What would make your outdoor space more enjoyable for the next outdoor summer season? Are there things you would like to eliminate or add to the yard? Imagine ways that you could better enjoy your outdoor summer space. The addition of a pool, a fire pit, a new garden, removing wasteful materials or damaged trees, clearing out new space, revamping patios, the ideas are endless. We are here to help with new ideas or to design a space better suited for your needs.

Your property is an investment, and putting the time and proper design into the space enhances both your lifestyle and your investment.

Outdoor Summer Decorating Ideas

With homeowners wanting to spend their free time outdoors, creating the perfect space is important. The space should be inviting, and provide an extension of indoor living. It should be a space that works for each individual’s lifestyle. Adding colorful cushions or outdoor furniture brightens up the space seasonally.

When it comes to outdoor summer plants, choose specimens that thrive in heat. Such as succulents, tropicals, coneflowers, zinnias, verbenas and lantana. Summer is a fun time of year to play with colors and tropical flowers, especially on the east coast it becomes such a treat to see the exciting plant life and florals in bloom. Summer container gardens are another great way to add color and vibrant outdoor summer plants to a property.

If you are looking for ways to redesign or revamp your outdoor summer space, or are looking to start a new project this fall, we are here to help. Our talented team of designers and architects would happily come meet for a complimentary consultation at your property. We look forward to bringing a new space to life for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

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