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Pool Gardening and Proper Planning

April 18th, 2018 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

As the saying goes, April showers bring May Flowers. Even with the cooler temperatures and rainy days, the start of the spring season brings hope. Bulbs are popping up to bring color to landscapes, the temperatures are rising, soil is warmer, the days are longer. Over the next few weeks, homeowners will be refreshing their outdoor spaces, and opening up their swimming pools to prepare for the summer months. It is the time of year pool gardening begins, cultivating landscapes and creating poolside gardening spaces. It is the season where everything comes back to life.

For homeowners who are creating poolscapes, or gardens by their swimming pools, it can seem overwhelming knowing where to begin. When it comes to swimming pool gardening, there are many elements to consider. You want to make sure your money is being invested correctly. Choosing specimens that can survive the summer months is important. Working with a designer can help create a landscape that ties the pool and home and patio together.

Pool Gardening Check List

  • Debris
    • Make sure the plants and trees surrounding your swimming pool will not cause debris to fall into the water. This will make the pool look dirty and create the need for constant skimming.
  • Wildlife
    • Consider the wildlife in your area. Deer are attracted to many flowers and will be at risk near water.
    • Also avoid flowering material that attract bees, to make sure the poolside gardening does not cause injury to swimmers.
  • Colors
    • Choosing plant material and flowers in a color scheme that complements the pool. Depending on the color plaster, color of patio space and color of home, the poolside gardening should help tie it all together.
  • Style
    • Pick a theme to plan around, neutral materials for an elegant pool, or vibrant Tropicals for a Caribeean feel, depending on the overall aesthetic to the property.
    • Pool gardening materials are what bring the backyard space to life. It becomes an eye catching backdrop that is admired in the summer months.
  • Upkeep
    • Keep in mind the material you choose, will all need proper care. Depending on your level of gardening involvement, choose materials you are comfortable caring for.
    • Low maintenance landscape options are available, and will work well poolside during the hot months.
  • Irrigation
    • Installing a water irrigation service is a worthy investment to properly water your gardens. Especially in the hot and dry weeks over the summertime, irrigation systems take care of the soil and materials for you.

Working with a horticulturist is helpful. Hiring a professional is a great way in the end to save money. Using their knowledge and careful selection for materials, will end up ensuring your investment. Proper care to swimming pool gardening is the key to a long lasting and successful space. You want this space to thrive and grow year after year. Putting the time and money in at the beginning, will make sure it pays off over time. It becomes rewarding to see your garden return every year stronger and fuller, bringing color and beauty after these long winter months.

Interested in creating a new poolside gardening space, or looking for assistance in pool gardening for your home? We are here to help. Contact us today, we are here this spring season to help you create your pool gardening oasis.


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