Simple Pool Landscaping for Your Property

August 16th, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

Once a new inground swimming pool is installed, the final step is creating the surrounding landscape to tie everything together. While a new landscape project can seem endless, there are many ways to incorporate simple pool landscaping into your property.

Sometimes when it comes to landscaping, less is more. When around a new swimming pool, it is important to not let the landscape design overpower the pool design, or distract from the pool details. Instead, simple pool landscaping should best complement the pool design and help to enhance it.

When designing a property landscape, it is important to consider the sun and shaded areas, the existing soil conditions, and proper irrigation that will allow specimens to be best placed in order to thrive. Certain plant material and flowers will do better alongside your swimming pool than others, depending on these natural conditions. Working with a landscape designer will help you to achieve the best simple pool landscaping plan and stay within your budget.

Besides enhancing a new swimming pool design, the main purpose for most homeowners for adding some simple pool landscaping, is to create privacy and screening from neighbors. You want your swimming pool to feel private and remote, planting large trees and dense groups of materials will help to screen and enclose to swimming pool area. Depending on the landscape design, your swimming pool can be transformed to look more tropical, colorful, and secluded.

Designated planting bed areas, container gardens, pots and hanging planters, or small garden spaces are all ways of adding color and interest into your simple pool landscaping plan. It is important to make sure the landscape does not overtake the patio, taking up space that would be used for outdoor furniture and foot traffic. Keeping the poolside landscape nourished and maintained will help to keep the pristine and groomed appearance and allow your plant material to best survive each passing season. Creating pathways, stepping stones, or steps through the landscape also allows humans to explore the landscape and become immersed, without trampling or disrupting it.

Adding outdoor lighting to your landscaping helps to instantly transform the simple pool landscaping into a dreamy nighttime scene. Adding an irrigation system helps to maintain your poolside landscape during the hot or dry months. Working with a landscape company will help you to best plan, design, build and maintain your poolside landscape. Feel free to contact us, we look forward to working with you.


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