Complement Your Dream Swimming Pool in NJ with Beautiful Landscaping

June 19th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

To achieve this, homeowners should work not only with pool contractors, but also landscaping experts who have plenty of experience in designing a pool area. This usually involves a smooth transitioning from the pool to the surroundings, incorporating a deck or patio to blend in all the elements. An article in discusses the various factors that need to be considered in designing a pool patio:

“Design Considerations

Ideally, a patio should be incorporated into the overall plan and design of a pool project, using the same style, shape andmaterials as the pool area. Other design considerations for poolside patios include:

The surrounding landscape and garden, including individual trees, shrubs and plants, and how they relate to the design and function of the pool area.

Proximity to the main residence, or, if you are lucky — a pool house or cabana.
Materials — while they should complement the pool and surrounding area, special attention needs to be paid to the safety of swimmers and guests, who will be walking with bare feet on wet surfaces. Choose patio flooring that has an anti-slip surface. Paving should also be cool underfoot to avoid burning sensitive feet.”

Well-designed landscaping around a well-built NJ pool isn’t only meant for embellishment and aesthetics. Stones, concrete, and other patio or deck flooring offer safety for swimmers through textured surfaces that can prevent slips, particularly among running children. Bushes and shrubs provide shade when the sun is high. Additionally, outdoor furniture provide visual and physical relief as they blend with the flora.

The job of designing and building swimming pools in NJ and adding landscaping are best done by a skilled landscape contractor, such as Scenic Landscaping, which has close ties with a pool building company. Having the right professionals working together on the project better guarantees the kind of finish that will put together all the design elements of the home, the pool, and their surroundings.

(Source: What is a Poolside Patio?,


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