Consult NJ Landscapers About Your Yard’s Energy Saving Potentials

June 23rd, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

It’s important to customize landscaping efforts to local factors. In New Jersey, landscaping must be done under a temperate microclimate, where there is relative balance of warm and cool. To establish this kind of microclimate, the DOE suggests designing a landscape based on three important considerations.

Let the Warmth in…

New Jersey is classified under the Temperate Region in the DOE infographic. This means that homes will not need as many trees as those in the “hot” regions, to allow a house to take advantage of the sun’s rays during winter.

…But Maintain Shade

However, trees are still needed for shade and protection from the hot summer sun. Expert NJ landscapers like those in Scenic Landscaping, LLC incorporate trees in landscape designs for this reason, as well as to add beauty and richness to a garden.

As to the type of tree to plant, both deciduous and evergreen trees offer benefits. The moderately-dense canopies of the former block winter winds but allow sunlight to pass through. They also change color with the seasons, providing a change in scenery. Native deciduous trees like maple, hickory, beech, and oak should ideally be placed facing north and northwest.

Build Windbreaks

A windbreak is a line of trees and shrubs that act as a barrier against cold northerly winds. In agriculture, windbreaks help hasten the maturity rate and improve the yield of certain crops like berries and potatoes due to their ability to contain warmth. In the residential setting, this warming property can potentially reduce household fuel consumption by around 40 percent during the cold months.

Organic windbreaks are more cost-effective but take years to reach their full potential. On the other hand, constructed ones take effect instantly but may cost more in maintenance.

The potential for energy saving adds another layer of benefit from landscaping. To get optimum results while beautifying your home, consult seasoned NJ landscape designers who can help put together the right landscaping elements to achieve this end.

(Source: Slash Your Energy Bill with Smart Landscaping, Lifehacker, May 27, 2014)


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